DiCaprio's journey from a dorky teen to 'being superstar'

She was looking at the girl and became fascinated! It came out of her mouth automatically - wonderful! In today's world, when a girl looks at another's daughter and calls her "wonderful", many people look at her differently, but in 1974, people probably didn't care much about these things. Moreover, the girl, she was looking at was not present real. She was looking at a girl of a painting, and the name of the girl in the painting was Mona Lisa.

At the Uffizi Museum of Florence, she was watching the Mona Lisa with fascinated eyes and just then an incident happened! Someone kicked her! If a person kicks or injures another person, the person who is naturally affected will suffer or protest, but in this case, she did the opposite - at the same time she was very surprised and happy! The incident, of course, is like being happy. The entity that she has been cherishing for the last ten months has kicked her inside! Yes, her unborn child.

Happily, the woman named Irmelin did not think what to do! Only a pregnant mother will understand this feeling, and no one else. She came as soon as possible and told her husband about the incident. She added that since the incident took place during a visit to Leonardo da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa painting, she wanted to name her unborn child Leonardo. The husband agreed with a smile.

The son whose name was fixed before birth was finally born. The father was Italian and the mother was German, but the son grew up in Los Angeles. The comic book artist's father had a long-standing interest in the media and little contact with the media people. It didn't take long for the father's passion to infiltrate the son.

At just three years old, one day while walking down the street, at a street party of Hippies, the father picked up his son to dance, and the son began to dance without realizing it. There were about 100 people present. About 100 people as well as the father were impressed that day for his three-year-old son's ability to entertain. That's the first time the father realized that his only child would be someone big in near future. 


Although both parents understood the boy's talent well, they did not understand the relationship between themselves. The result is divorce. The mother left with her three-year-old son, who grew up close to her mother. As the father's shadow moved away, he looked sideways to see what the "need" was. Drug addicts and sex workers are scattered around the place where he lived. Along with scarcity, he also saw the dark side of people long ago.

But nothing could stand in the way of his dream. He had been attracted to acting for a long time, so he tried to do it properly. He didn't study well in class, but he was smart, he always sat next to those who studied well. At the age of five, he first stood in front of a TV camera to audition but was dropped for mischievous behaviour. Then audition again, get dropped or get a small role. Whether he got the role or not, he made a lifelong friend.

It was during this audition that he met Toby Maguire one day and that childhood friendship is still intact - surprising to hear but true! He once made a movie with this friend, but after finishing the work, he found it so disgusting that he went to the court so that the movie would never be released!

The man who started on TV finally got a call in the movie that day. Released in 1991, this low-budget horror movie is called Critters 3. The movie was not very glamorous, but he was right about his work. Although how many people saw him in a very small role that day, it will be understood after extensive research. Then he backed to the pavilion again - that means coming back to TV. 


In 1993, he got a role in the movie again and his co-star in this movie was the One and Only Robert De Niro. The pair of Nero and Scorsese was in a triumphant state then. Nero auditioned hundreds of boys and finally selected him for this movie. Nero was so impressed with the boy's performance in the 1993 film "This Boy's Life" that he told Scorsese, "I don't know how long I will be able to work with you in the future, but I think you will enjoy working with this boy after me."

That year, we got proof that Nero didn't make wrong assumption. In the following year a movie called "What’s eating gilbert grape" was released. The boy won his first Oscar nomination for his role as an impaired child in this movie, but not in the Best Actor category, but the Best Supporting Role. Although nominated, he did not win an Oscar, but who knew then - his feud with this little Oscar idol just started! 


However, the 19-year-old was the youngest actor to make it to No. 7 on the Oscar-nominated list, even though he did not win an Oscar. What else to do, for now, he was happy with this. However, he said about this movie - the fun I got from working on this movie is unmatched by any other movie.

Two years later, he starred in "The Basketball Diaries". Many drug addicts will probably be scared to see his mature performance in the role of a drug-addicted boy - he performed so wonderfully. He kept himself alive with his performance, as evidenced by the 1997 film "Romeo and Juliet".

There is nothing new about Shakespeare's immortal creation. However, director James Cameron contacted him after seeing him in Romeo and Juliet. He was making a movie about the love between two lovers on a sunken ship. Though he had no desire to play a romantic character, James Cameron finally persuaded the boy with great difficulty. The result is incredible!

As the movie Titanic made history, the story of the sinking ship took his career to new heights. The business broke all records, set new records! He became the dream boy of every American girl. Not one, not two - this movie got 11 Oscars, except for him, it didn't even get a nomination. The insistence was so great that he did not even go to the award program after hundreds of requests from the director. His clear words - I did not get the nomination, why should I go? What to do? The program is better seen on TV than that, you may go.

After saying the name "Titanic" I hope it will not be difficult to understand what is the name of this boy? His name is Leonardo DiCaprio. The insistence on not being nominated for the Titanic probably gave birth to a new Caprio in the next decade.

He and his co-actor Kate Winslet paid the hospital bill for the last surviving passenger on the Titanic. In one of his interviews he said- Yes, I can play younger than my age. But I can play characters older than I am, too. I'm not an actor who can just play the kid. 

Director Scorsese had kept Nero's words in mind for so long that he finally turned those words into reality. In "Gangs of New York", he took Caprio with Daniel Day-Lewis and created a great movie. Then came the movie based on a true story - "Catch Me If You Can", with Tom Hanks. The more I admire Spielberg's Fun Ride movie, the less it will be.

However, the movie "The Aviator" made in 2004 took him to another height. According to many critics, this is Caprio's best performance so far. While working on this movie, Caprio revealed to everyone that he was suffering from OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) as a child, which came back because his character in this movie is also affected by the same OCD.

Despite his excellent performance, this time he was deprived of a gold statue named Oscar despite being nominated. However, he did not deprive himself of making good movies. He worked with his favourite actor Jack Nicholson in the movie The Departed, but he did not disappear from the screen under the influence of Jack Nicholson. Then he worked in a movie called "Blood Diamond". Once again nominated for the Oscars and deprived of the Oscars as usual. 


Nominated for an Oscar, then deprived - that was the rule for Caprio. However, he realized the pain of being deprived - the result - he adopted an African girl while working on this movie. He started to bear all the expenses starting from the education of this girl, he used to spend money on time every month. Still inquiring about her every night over the phone. There is widespread scepticism as to whether many genetical fathers can do so. 

Probably due to the prayers of this foster daughter, he survived for a while from being eaten by a shark that year. Also, while skydiving, he sees his parachute not opening, that moment death was almost certain - but fortunately, an instructor was there at the time and he saved him.

On the other hand, one great work after another was going on on the screen. "Body of Lies", "Revolutionary Road", "Shutter Island", " The Great Gatsby" "Inception" - which one should I leave out? In every movie, it is as if he has broken himself and rebuilt himself.

 In "Shutter Island", the audience is stunned at the end of the movie by his acting, the perception of a great concept like stealing thoughts in the middle of a dream - everyone from the audience to the critics is just fascinated - only Caprio was in everyone's tongue.

Tarantino offered him a long time ago for his "Inglourious Basterds" movie, but he politely refused. Christoph Waltz, however, embraced the Oscars after his abandoned role. Many more famous movies have been released which he rejected - American Psycho, Spiderman, Boogie Nights, an episode of Star Wars ... we must stop, let's not say, the list of regrets will belong at the end. But the biggest regret was - not getting an Oscar even after doing so well. 

Fun, questions, trolls, memes were all on the subject starting from social media. Everyone from his fans to the movie would talk about this thing, he would stay there quietly, work quietly.

But one day he secretly worked with Tarantino in the movie "Django Unchained". A very small role, but he didn't come out of his character for a second even after a movie scene where his hand was slammed by the glass and bleed well - that's called Dedication and the guy's name is DiCaprio.

He never touched drugs in his life and then probably played one of the most difficult roles in his life - "The Wolf of Wall Street". For this movie too, he did not touch a single point of drugs, took the help of experts but did not touch drugs. But if you watch the movie, no one will believe this thing. Such an extraordinary performance, again after a long time of Oscar nomination - but this time also, he returned empty-handed! The lifeless idol named Oscar is again elusive from this lively actor.

Then he did that famous movie - "The Revenant". Performed at minus 40 degrees (one time he couldn't take his eyes off, his eyelids froze in the cold!), Fought with a bear, devoured a bison's raw liver, slept in a horse's belly - and then on February 26, he won the coveted prize. Oscar!

Twenty-two years after being nominated for the first time and five times nominated, the Oscar came into his hands - but he can be called a very quiet boy when giving a speech! As if the Oscar was supposed to come in his hands this time. 


He did not lose his temper with the Oscar statue, but for the sake of greed, for the sake of making his own pockets heavier, for those who harm nature - he also issued a warning on the stage of the Oscars.

Never forget to thank Robert De Niro, and his mother - for the woman he is here for today, the woman who drove three hours as a child to take him to acting school - that gratitude he still acknowledges in front of everyone. On the other hand, his fans are crazy about his Oscar-winning event! About a half-million tweets have been made on Twitter by that time which is a record!

There is nothing new to say about Caprio's love and sense of responsibility towards nature. He spends millions of dollars every year on the welfare of nature. He is spending equal dollars for endangered animals like tigers, whale, turtles etc. He is a very conscious environmental development activist. 

He bought an island of 104 acres, to make it eco-friendly, to set an example for everyone. Considering the damage to the environment, he takes a bath once a week so that water is not wasted. He rushed to any conference on environmental development amid busy schedules. He also presented two environmental awareness works, "The 11th hour" and "Before the flood".


He has a pet cat, turtle, chameleon and he spends a good time with them. Understanding with someone of the opposite sex are not as close as it is with the animals- that is why, maybe, he is still unmarried. Although he has fallen in love with more than one woman. 

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Although he played Romeo's character on the silver screen, he admits that in reality, he is not the same. Even then, hundreds of young women are still hoping - one day he might say yes to one of them, the man on the screen might be Romeo in real life!

If things like the Oscars can come in handy after all this time, what’s the harm in being optimistic about a relationship? With a fortune of about 200 million, this man is still the same as he was when he was a child. He donated a lot of computers at his own expense to the library where he used to study as a child. Besides, there is other charitable work!

"I don't believe I have to be humble or forcefully polite to be a star. Whatever I am, I am. If someone comes and says he likes my movie, I thank him as politely as possible - that's it. I think acting is great - you can live in someone else's life and you are being paid for it - that's fine! "

His closest friend Kate Winslet has said of Caprio's acting ability - undoubtedly the most talented actor of our generation. We all hope so, of course. Day by day he surpasses himself further, bringing before us more new aspects of acting.

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