Keep your children away from smartphones

 At present, smartphones occupy most of the children's daily life. Now children usually spend time on mobile televisions, smartphones, tabs, YouTube. Many people see it well. But because of this technology, the future of children is being ruined, many people are not paying attention to it.

 Parents across the country are taking initiatives to keep children away from these technology products. Mobile phones have already been banned in schools, especially in many countries of the world.

It is often seen that the parents hold the smartphone or tab in their hand to keep the child calm. Parents try to kept children calm by playing songs, cartoons or funny videos. This is now a regular image in our home. With the help of smartphones, keeping children calm, feeding them, and even teaching them the alphabet and rhyme has become much easier and more comfortable for parents.

On the contrary, the dependence of children on smartphones is increasing. And it is this dependence that is bringing about terrible dangers for our unaware children.
Young children are becoming addicted to mobile phones due to the indifference of adults; Whose effects and evils are very terrible.

We have to buy smartphones when they want, it's not smartness. As we adults become addicted to the phone, children will become more addicted in the future. Most of the parents give their kids smartphones as they have a busy schedule or they can't afford enough times to their children. 

The kids are playing games, watching videos, and messing around with their phones for hours on end.

Experts say giving a child a smartphone means handing them a bottle of wine or a gram of cocaine. Because smartphone addiction is as dangerous as drug addiction. A mobile call lasting two minutes causes hyperactivity in children's brains, which persists in their brains for the next hour.

 The risk of heart attack doubles, the user's nerves weaken, the mood becomes irritable, blood pressure rises, the body gradually becomes tired and lethargic, and even regular sleep is disrupted.

Radiation from the screen is harmful to the health of adults, and even more deadly to children, which impedes the development of their brains. Children all over the world now play with mobile phones most of the time. 

David Carpenter, dean of Sunny's School of Public Health, said: "Soon we could have an epidemic and that would be brain cancer."

Research has further shown that the use of the mobile phone also reduces the hearing of children.

Radiation researcher Kerry Crofton says, "But in many developed countries around the world, people under the age of 18 are now being discouraged from using mobile phones, which is a good example for others.". Paediatricians have found that mobile addiction was destroying children's social skills.

As a result, various physical and mental problems of children are developing. Apart from that, as a result of this addiction to technology, children have to sit for a long time again; therefore, the child's obesity is also increasing. 

Keeping an eye on the screen of the mobile for a long time is also responsible for eye problems in teenagers. The development of children's family and human values ​​is being hampered.

In any case, it is not desirable to rush towards the destruction of the life and future of the darling children to make them very smart. "Keep medicines out of the reach of children", as written on the packaging.

In the same way, parents need to keep in mind ‘keep children away from smartphones.’ The way how to keep children away from mobile phones is well known to every parent. Remember, having a smartphone is not smart, protecting yourself and your family from the curse of technology is the real smartness.

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