Isn't your hair the cause of your facial acne?

 Acne mainly affects people in their teens and early twenties. But many of us still have acne after this age. Even many of us suffer from this problem throughout the year. 

To get acne-free skin, even after regular skincare, the condition of the skin remains the same! 

Have you ever wondered why this is happening when there is no benefit in cleaning your face as per day skincare routine and night skincare routine? Isn't your hair the cause of your facial acne?

If your hair is the cause of your facial acne, there is a way to get rid of it

1) Keep hair dandruff free

Dandruff is a common and very painful problem for us. Dandruff is seen in different seasons like winter, summer or monsoon. Dandruff causes damage to our hair and scalp. It means to have dandruff on the head but it can easily fall on our face. Acne can be caused by sweating, oil and dandruff. 

So, first of all, you should try to reduce dandruff as much as possible. Eyebrows can also have dandruff a lot of the time. That too must be kept clean.

2) Be cautious to your haircut

Make sure that whether the haircut you have, won't reach to your face or forehead.. If that happens, your forehead gets sweaty and hair dirt can easily get on your skin which can be one of the causes of acne. 

So always make sure that the hair could not reach on your forehead when using any haircut. If the hair is short, try to tie it.

3) If the body is sweating, clean it quickly

Why do you dislike hot days? - If you ask this question, without any thought, anyone will be talking about sweating as a reason. You know what The amount of sweat that accumulates along our hairline every day can easily increase the risk of acne.

 So when you go out or after physical activity, take a bath using soap and shampoo as soon as possible. Just as dirt will not accumulate in the hair follicles, so will facial acne be under control.

4) Avoid using too many hair styling products

Almost all of the cosmetics we use on our hair are oily. These products can easily get into our skin or face from hair. Which can easily close the pores of our face. 

When using hair care products, we must use as much caution as possible to avoid the possibility of acne.

5) Refrain from using heat on the hair unnecessarily

Frequent use of heat on the hair makes our scalp dry or rough which makes our scalp produce more sebum. Blow drying helps to make our hair look beautiful, but it can also cause acne on our skin. So, of course, we have to take care of these small things.

Although skincare routine is perfectly followed, many of us do not know about these issues. Then you understand that by following some simple rules, we can get rid of this problem very easily. 

Make sure your hair is not the cause of your facial acne. However, for those who have a very high incidence of acne, it is better to consult a dermatologist. 

This is because acne can occur if the hormonal balance is not right. Also, avoid oily foods, drink enough water and sleep properly.

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