Is Trump following a different strategy to change the outcome of the election?

 Donald Trump's efforts to change the outcome of the US election continue. Pennsylvania has asked the state legislature to suspend the vote count and allow the state legislature to decide on the electoral college.

A 3 million fee has been paid for recounting votes in populated areas of the state of Wisconsin.

President-elect Joe Biden has met with health workers. Lack of co-operation in the transition is hampering his preparations to deal with the country's growing corona infection. 

Joe Biden is still frustrated that Congress has failed to enact new civic incentives. He blamed the senators and Republicans for this.

The General Services Administration is set to announce Democrat candidate Joe Biden as president-elect after receiving certified results from all states.

After such an announcement, federal money is open for the transition to the newly elected president. Such certification has been started from different states. In good circumstances, such certification is instructed to be completed by December 8.

Wisconsin state election law may invalidate ballot papers if they are not valid. Democrats Biden and Donald Trump have less than 1 per cent of the vote. 

Votes in the state's most populous Milwaukee and Dane County areas have been asked to recount from the Trump camp. According to state law, the application has been submitted with a fee of 3 million for counting such votes.

The Trump camp is still hopeful that the results in Georgia and Wisconsin will be in their favour through such recounts. Trump's lawsuit against the state of Pennsylvania is still pending. 

Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for President Donald Trump, filed an amendment in the Pennsylvania case on November 18. The petition seeks a ban on state vote certification.

The state of Pennsylvania has a Republican majority in the legislature. If a state is unable to certify the results of a vote within a specified time, state legislators have the opportunity to decide on the electoral vote.

 Such an event has never happened before in the history of the United States. President Donald Trump seems to be walking this path. Trump is thought to be in the midst of a crisis with the idea of ​​getting an electoral college vote through some state legislatures.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, expressed frustration with the role of Republican leaders. Joe Biden, who is based in his home state of Delwara, spoke to health experts about the Corona situation in the country. 

It is believed that the distribution of the vaccine will be the first task of his administration. He mentioned that it is important to know in advance about the production, storage and distribution of vaccines.

 Biden said Republican leaders may not be saying anything to embarrass Trump. He mentioned that this situation will not exist.

On the other hand, the drama about the US election is not stopping. Work is underway to certify the votes of the states for the final results of the elections. 

In this situation, the important state of Michigan's vote certification has been complicated again. Two Republican members of the local election board are again bent over the state's Wayne County vote certification.

On November 16, two Republican members of the Wayne County Election Board refused to certify the first round of voting. Democrat candidate Joe Biden was quick to respond in the polls. Within hours, the state election board said the vote had been unanimously certified.

Monica Palmer, chairperson of the county's election board, and William Hartmann, a member, submitted an affidavit on the night of November 16, saying they had been pressured into agreeing. They say they will not agree to the county's vote before the results of the audit.

In response, Democrat Jonathan Kinloch, vice president of the Wayne County Electoral Board, said it was too late for Republicans to take such a position. After their consent, the results are certified by the county and sent to the state election board. 

Now there is no rule to bring it back. He said such actions by Republicans would present the country's various democratic processes questionably and negatively. Due to pressure from the Trump camp, two Republican members have now announced that they are stepping down. Another cause may be filed now.

Dramatic events unfolded in the state of Michigan's Wayne County Electoral Office over whether to officially approve the results. Under state election law, the county board of canvassers must officially approve the results before the deadline. 

But there is a problem with this. On the evening of November 16, President Donald Trump quickly tweeted congratulations when the vote count in this important county of Michigan stalled. Trump said Michigan has refused to approve the results of the vote. Appreciating such courage, Trump said the United States stands with pride.

After this incident, the Republican propaganda camp became active. Trump supporters continue to message on social media that Michigan's results are changing. Although there are party members on the county canvassers board, there is no precedent for refusing approval without accepting the results of the vote. 

With this, the Michigan State Election Board quickly became active. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said at around 9 pm that the election board had unanimously decided to approve the results. It has also been directed to audit whether there were any irregularities in the voting.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden won Michigan by a margin of more than 148,000 votes. In Wayne County, Biden received twice as many votes as Trump. This county is home to a large number of immigrants. Biden's victory in the state of Michigan is likely to be difficult if the results of the vote in this county are not approved.

They voted against the approval at first to verify everything well. At the end of the verification, it was seen that there was no evidence of any irregularity in the voting despite minor errors. 

Republican chairperson of the county board President Trump has been saying he will change the outcome of the election. No such attempt has been made before to approve the vote. It is still doubtful that Trump can make such an effort at the county level in various states.

Michigan Republican lawmakers have previously said they would respect the state's election results.

Wayne County Board Vice Chairperson Jonathan Kinloch called the first-round behaviour of Republicans in approving the results of the vote irresponsible.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer made the statement. She said it was another failed attempt to disrupt the electoral process. But the people of Michigan have spoken. 

Joe Biden received more than 148 thousand votes in this state. The governor said the approval process would be completed soon. The State Electoral Board will complete all the procedures and complete the approval within the stipulated time.

On behalf of President Donald Trump, Pennsylvania has appealed to the state legislature to cancel the vote count and allow the state legislature to decide on the electoral vote. It is expected that the application will be made in the case of Michigan. 

President Donald Trump is doing so as a latest attempt to change the outcome of the election. He has not yet remembered the results. Newly elected President Joe Biden is also not being cooperated to hand over power. 

The US Constitution mandates a change of power on January 20. Earlier, it was feared that Donald Trump would be busy with various dramas.

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