Is Melania leaving Trump?

As Michael Wolf, author of the most talked-about book on Donald Trump wrote in his book, Fire and Fury, Melania Trump cried at the news of Donald Trump becoming president; But it was not a tear of joy.

 His remarks have been echoed by many inside the White House. If this is true, then the question arises, what is Melania doing in the news of Trump's defeat?

The British media outlet The Independent reported that the reaction of the president on the golf course was already known after the initial announcement of the defeat of President Donald Trump in the US elections last Saturday morning.

 It was even speculated how Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner or Donald Trump Jr. would take this message of quick abandonment of the taste for power. 

But First Lady Melania was sceptical of Trump's possible reaction. As a result, the most intriguing eye is not on the president or his powerful son-daughter or son-in-law in the White House, but on Melania. 

As mentioned earlier, Melania cried after the initial news of Donald Trump's victory in 2016. It does not tear of joy. 

Then what? Was she disappointed? At least that's what the former Slovenian-born model has done in the last four years.

As a result, even if the 50-year-old First Lady cries over Trump's defeat this time around, many think it will be a cry for relief. 

Many, like former White House official Omarosa Manigault Newman, go one step further, saying that Melania may even consider divorcing Trump after losing the presidency. 

"Melania is waiting for his (president's) term to expire so she can divorce him," Newman told The Independent. If Melania does this while Trump is in office, he will find a way to punish Melania for revenge. '

It's not clear if Newman was close enough to know Melania's feelings, The Independent reported. 

But she has a lot of explosive information about the Trump-era White House. She was fired in the second year of Donald Trump's presidency. 

She is going to release her memoirs of that time and an audio record of the conversation in the Situation Room very soon.

Bigger than that, very few people know about First Lady Melania Trump. She was always with herself. 

As a result, no one knows what is behind his priceless smile except a few faithful people. Even if anyone knows at all, that is a big question. 

She is so secluded that various websites have had to take special initiative to separate the truth from the rumours circulating about her. It is also rumoured that a double of Melania Trump, looks like her, attends various government functions.

Despite the news of Donald Trump's defeat, there has been no change in Melania's self-esteem. 

The US media CNN reported last Saturday that Melania Trump is still in the White House. She is not taking part in any strategic discussions with Donald Trump, members of his family and top officials in the administration. 

However, the next day, on Sunday, she tweeted in support of Donald Trump's position. It read, "Americans deserve fair elections." 

Every valid vote should be counted but not any invalid. We must protect democracy with full transparency."

The Independent says no one knows what Melania Trump's next move will be. However, in this case, she will focus on the future and financial affairs of his 14-year-old son Baron. 

Donald Trump was a fan of Melania in the early days of the election campaign and taking power. 

Melania, 25 years younger than Trump, is one of the most beautiful First Ladies in the history of the White House. 

But soon after the beginning of the exercise of power as the First Lady, this image is perpetuated. Her image as First Lady was severely damaged, especially when she sued the people in her hometown of Slovenia.

Like Donald Trump's two previous spouses, Melania was married to Trump on a contractual basis. 

Ivana Trump was with Trump from 1977 to 1992. A total of four agreements were made between them. They renewed the contract as the children grew up.

When Ivana Trump came out of the last deal, it provided news supplies to tabloid magazines. 

At the time of the separation, she was paid two and a half million dollars. An agreement was reached to raise 650,000 USD a year for the upbringing of three children, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump.

Donald Trump then married Marla Maples in a similar deal. That relationship lasted from 1993 to 1999. Various stories about their separation came to light at that time.

It sparked so much discussion that Donald Trump finally made a deal to keep the information secret. 

In a legal battle over their separation, Marla Maples eventually raised her debt from 1 million to 5 million.

Current First Lady Melania has been with Donald Trump for 15 years. Only Ivana Trump has been in a relationship for so long.

 Melania's contribution to Trump's business expansion is less than the other two. According to The Independent, Ivana Trump was a senior official in the organization. 

She was well-connected with Trump's work in the corporate world. Melania Trump has never been interested in this business. Of course, she has put Trump's brand far ahead.

Melania's old friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, told The Independent that Melania was in New York for 10 weeks after Trump took office just to renew his contract. 

In that agreement, Melania added the issue of child baron's equality in the family property. In return, as long as Trump stays at the White House, Melania will stay with him.

This is the main reason for Melania's indifference as First Lady. She is not surprised by any of Donald Trump's behaviour.

In Stephanie Winston Wolkoff's words, when everyone is shocked by President Trump'sbehaviourr or words, Melania's reaction is - "I know who I'm married to." 

Yes, during all this time in the White House, Trump has respected his wife Melania's desire to be alone, to do as she pleases. 

Citing someone close to Melania, The Independent said she probably liked Trump as well. But she is just as accountable and opportunistic as Trump. 

When Ivanka Trump began to grab all the attention, it was under her auspices that ‘Operation Block Ivanka’ began. 

According to CNN, Melania lived on the fourth floor of a residential part of the White House, where former President Barack Obama's mother once lived.

 And Donald Trump lived in a two-story master bedroom. Four years have gone by like this. As a result, the big question is what Melania will do when the White House pays off.

But such incidents have happened recently. In December 2016, former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto handed overpower. 

And in February 2019, his actress wife announced her divorce. In the case of Trump, there is no speed without waiting to see if something like this happens.

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