Is losing the election, really the end of the Trump era?

Even if he doesn't win, Trump's goal will be fulfilled 

 Democracy in America hangs on a thin thread. As the US election results mature, it will not hang on to that thread for long, and everyone will see who becomes the country's 48th president.

Donald Trump's re-election means that the democratic system will be further undermined and a Roman Caesar-style regime will be introduced. Julius Caesar also angered the masses by speaking out against politicians, making the Roman Republic a monarchy and ensuring that the glory of the past was shattered. 

But it seems that America survived this journey with the balance of that thin thread. Although guards have been deployed in some cities, large-scale disturbances seem to have been avoided. Even if Trump loses, his party has the power to block many decisions of the government with a majority in the Senate and he will be also in the influential role of the party. 

The Republican Party will not let him go anywhere soon, as Mr Trump has played a key role in reviving the party. Apart from that, the white supremacists, conservatives, pious, poor and consumerist rich are much more organized for him than at any time in the past. 

Mr Donald Trump's goal will be fulfilled even if he does not win the election. Trump has done what China or Russia or Iran-North Korea could not do to America. He has already brought down America's global power and prestige.

He has deeply factionalized the system of government, politicized the judiciary and pushed society into two hate camps. Any foe of America will be pleased with this and will also dream of keeping Trump in power for another term. 

 It was wrong to look down on Trump 

 Those polls before and on election day painted a picture of Joe Biden's landslide victory. 

The US media was also against Trump. But everything went the wrong direction. Landslide victory is a long way off, Biden will have to walk in a road of throns even if he wins. In that case, he will be the president of half the people. The other half wanted Trump. It will do the same in the future as it has done in the past by sharpening the dispute between the two parties.

 Why Trump became stronger through the election, one calculation could explain. He fought against both deeds and coincidences like "Hamlet" in the play of Shakespeare. Not only did the opponent want to stop him, but he also had the burden of his mountain of failure on his shoulders.

He had a strong opponent like Joe Biden, who had the strong support of Clinton-Obama-Hillary behind him. The Black Lives Matters movement made him hateful to Americans. The coronavirus epidemic left him and his government guilty of criminal negligence. 

 Despite all these obstacles, Mr Trump got more votes than in 2016! Even though Hillary Clinton got more votes in 2016, Trump's strategy of staying away from the White House will no longer seem like an accident. 

This time, Biden's landslide victory was not an uncommon event. The Trump camp has not only put the Biden camp under tremendous nervousness, but it has also undermined the traditional vote bank of the Democrat camp. He has also been able to divide Latino and black voters in his favour; They did not allow Biden to vote exclusively.

All it takes is to say that underestimating Trump was wrong in the past, will still be wrong.   

Trump's real trump card 

 Trump has awakened timid and shy people. America is constitutionally very liberal and secular but socially very conservative. 

Evangelical Christians, Zionist Jews and racist whites are strong enough in the society there. The richest class in America does not want to see another Barack Obama or John F. Kennedy in power. There was no fatigue in this reactionary triangle when it came to working for Trump. But these are not enough. Trump has swayed the swing states and floating voters.

With constant lies, hate speech and racist rhetoric, he has instilled in them the fear that if Biden wins, America will no longer exist. He has managed to appease the latent voters who are indifferent to politics with fear and hatred. No survey agency could find out what was on their minds. They also did not express their views to anyone. 

 In the words of U.S. political analyst Umayr Haque, they can be called ‘secret hate voters’ or ‘secret hate votes’. Who are these? They exist in all countries. They are scared on one side and excited on the other. They are always looking for enemies. They are afraid of the crisis of life and livelihood, they are afraid of losing certainty like in the past. When the caste is gone, the religion is gone, the country is gone — this is their fear. They blame the other for this fear.

 The other is the ‘those’, who are ‘not like us’. They hate national minorities, foreigners, non-believers, immigrants or people of different lifestyles. Usually, they are in a weak position socially or mentally. The emphasis on personality is also low. But the people do not have confidence in the collective future. They are accustomed to hiding opinions. 

They accept many things under the pressure of social-friends or the law, but their real face comes out during voting or riots. They may talk about democracy, progressivism, secularism, but they cherish something different. 

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 Politics is not as easy as winning votes 

 Donald Trump has been able to attract such people to his side.

 Neither surveyors nor journalists know what is on their minds; For this, they are called 'shy voters'. Many times they do not realize how much fear or hatred has accumulated in their minds. If they have even 5 per cent of the total votes cast, that is a huge number. In a large democracy like India or the United States, it is now proven that these 5 per cent of voters can turn many counts upside down. 

They are not seen in processions or public meetings, but they float in times of election or riots, just like small fishes float in the muddy water of a pond. In 2016, they were the ones who swept the masses and made Trump winner, and in 2020, they made Trump so strong. Whatever the reality, they are blind supporters of the leader.

 In real life, no matter how shy or outspoken they may be, they work faithfully in the face of Facebook's hate market or dictatorship. People make mistakes when they vote out of fear. Hatred is born of fear. Hate blinds judgment. The more he fears about the future or the people he dislikes, the more his desire and devotion for a strong leader. 

German sociologist Eric had observed Hitler's Germany. After researching the fascist leader and his followers at the time, he concluded, "We want to be led by a powerful leader because we are not worthy of independence due to lack of self-confidence. When we cannot tolerate real freedom, we go on the path of submission. Misrule is born out of our desire."

 Trump made politics difficult 

 Even if Trump will not be president, he will remain strong in American politics for some more time. Even if he is not there, there will be racist, hateful citizens organized and united by him. So there will be politics to divide society. 

The civilized or benevolent people of the world don't want to see this world of secret hatred again. But they are, they also sustain leaders like Trump or Modi. And such leaders make politics difficult for politicians with lies, hatred, division, arrogance. 

Trump is a model, this model is being followed by many elected or unelected rulers. The politicians of the earlier era used to do politics with programs in the life of the people. Homemakers like Trump have made politics difficult for them around the world. 
The world needs to think anew to deal with black money, hatred of the 'other', sexism and racism, violent nationalism and those who have the cards in their hands. Even if Biden wins the vote, it will be difficult for him to do politics in the face of strong Trump.

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