How could you help your bedwetting child?

 Normally, children don't urinate in their bed after the age of three. However, in the case of a boy, the matter can be accepted up to the age of five. Girls, however, should stop urinating in bed at the age of three. If the child continues to urinate in bed even after the prescribed age, it is necessary to consult a paediatrician.

What is the reason?

The child develops the habit of urinating on the training given from childhood. Many mothers from the age of 9-10 months make their baby urinate on time by whistling in the mouth. Many people also make it a habit to urinate by sitting on a potty or commode at regular intervals. 

This training should be started between the ages of 9-15 months. This training is quite helpful in later times. However, many parents ignore the matter. Training is not done properly as the child is indifferent even when he sees him urinating wherever he wants. Such children urinate in bed for many days afterwards.

Bedwetting can occur due to emotional turmoil, insecurity, new place, absence of parents, change of bed, depression etc. In most cases, early identifying the cause and taking the necessary steps could improve the condition.

Children can urinate in bed at night even if there is a defect in the kidneys and the entire urinary system. Children can get wet in bed, especially due to urinary tract infections, diabetic diseases such as diabetes insipidus and Mellitus, chronic renal failure, etc. Also, children who have itchy anus during sleep may urinate in bed. 

This is often due to the accumulation of threadworms in the anus. Because whatever it is, action should be taken by identifying it on the advice of a doctor.

What can you do?

Feed less watery food in the evening or do not feed if he does not want to eat.

Getting the baby to urinate before going to bed at night and getting up again in the morning if necessary.

The most important thing is that if the child urinates in bed, he should not be scolded or reprimanded. This will make the child anxious and embarrassed, the problem will increase.

If you want you can take different initiatives. Give the child a diary. Ask him to specify a date on the day of the week when she will not urinate in bed with a star sign. The child should then be told that if he gets a few stars marks a week, he will get a prize according to his wishes. 

In this way, he will want to struggle and will focus on solving his problems. This method is beneficial in about 70-80 per cent of cases.

In very few cases this problem has to be treated with medicine. In this case, it is recommended to take treatment under the supervision of a paediatrician

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