Has Donald Trump really contributed to the development of the COVID-19 vaccine?

 The morning headline on Fox News was, "Trump takes credit for developing the vaccine by Pfizer" The second line, quoted in the news, is, "We're well on our way to developing a vaccine."

"If it weren't for me, you would have to wait four more years for the vaccine," Trump told in a White House press conference. 

U.S. presidents speak with a lot of understanding. But it has become impossible for the media on his side to prove the truth of this president's words.

How impossible is this claim, let me explain a little. In September, the CEO of Pfizer appeared on CBS News in "Face the Nation", saying, "We did not take any money from the government. Because we want to separate science and research from the administration. "(Source: Washington Post, November 9, 2020)

The Pfizer company invested 2 billion in the vaccine in collaboration with a foreign research company, Biotech. They keep saying, ‘We didn’t take Trump’s money, we’re not part of any of Trump’s projects.’ Because they know, everyone around Trump knows how he lies.

Pfizer's head of vaccine research told the New York Times, "We were never part of Operation Warp, nor did we take people's tax money into the study." (Source: Forbes, November 13, 2020)

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has entered into advance agreements with several vaccine companies. The agreement is that if your vaccine is FDA approved, we will be the first to get 100 million doses of vaccine at this cost. 

The value is 1.95 billion dollars. Not a penny was given to Pfizer. The deal was made by a major US government agency, not Trump or the White House.

Suppose, according to the current "immutable" US president the idea of buying Pfizer's vaccine in advance has come from his head with his amazing intelligence, compassion and sharp intellect. Now, let's look at what other countries have done.

Pfizer and Biotech vaccine distribution agreements:
European Union- 200 million doses
Japan- 20 million doses
United States-100 million doses
UK-30 million doses

Even after knocking out the best people in his office in four years, the rest of the best ones who are still alive, they must have given this idea. They have made deals in advance to buy vaccines from six potential companies. If not one, then the other, whichever is successful, probably this was the method.

Although this method came out of his head, he became the third in the list above. Moreover, Pfizer did not take a single penny from any government. These are just contracts. If you succeed I will pay otherwise, I will not give you a single penny.
Pfizer developed the vaccine at its own expense. 

Another thing to note is that in research with Pfizer but there is also a company called Bioentech. Do you know why the very intelligent President or the White House is not referring to that company? Because it is not an American company, it is a German company. 

His bragging seems to indicate that he is not the third on the list of buying vaccine, as if he discovered the vaccine by keeping an eye on the electron microscope day and night.

If you talk about Moderna vaccines, nothing exceptional. In this case, however, it seems that he has not yet realized that the Moderna invention is even bigger, the potential for that vaccine is brighter due to the difference in temperature of storage. 

That will probably be the most used. If he understood that, he would leave Pfizer and start bragging about Moderna.

The fact that the vaccine has never been made so fast before, that Trump doesn't understand how to take credit for that, is getting tired of pomposity, why people don't see this constant truth? 

The seeds of this new vaccine were sown about four and a half years ago today through the discovery of scientists and researchers.

This groundbreaking vaccine technology is called the mRNA vaccine. Completely different from traditional vaccines, they can be made much faster, at a lower cost, and even less likely to cause danger. 

Traditionally, a weak or dead germ of that disease (COVID-19) was introduced into the body. It is called the 'live vector' vaccine.

When this groundbreaking discovery was made, Donald Trump was busy naming some of his teammates as liars, some as jokers, and others as ‘crooked’.

People, who understand, were holding their breath and waiting for the election results. He will only increase taxes, wage war, indulge in illegal immigrants, not all of these. Even Democrats / Republicans are not an issue here. He is a blatant liar! A mentally ill, terrible man!

A car was about to fall into a deep ditch. Somehow the brakes were tightened. Whether the last was saved is yet to be seen. Everyone in human society is in that car. There is even the earth's environment, other animals, plants.

The most shocking thing is that about 70 million voters in the United States and more have fallen in love with this threat of humanity. They did not see what was going to happen. They are thinking, if a toy is snatched from the child, he will cry? Screaming at home, what's more?

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