Facebook launches "Vanish Mode" on Messenger

 It will be deleted automatically after sending the message. Facebook has recently launched such a feature on WhatsApp. This time, the company has announced the launch of 'Vanish Mode' on Facebook Messenger. According to Facebook, they will soon launch a similar vanish mode on Instagram. This information has been given in a report of the technology website TechCrunch.


The feature to delete a message after sending it is already on Snapchat. However, it is different from the disappearing message feature of WhatsApp. When the feature is turned on, the message recipient sees it in the chat option. 

The message will then be deleted as soon as he turns off the chat option. On the other hand, that message stays on WhatsApp for 7 days. It is then automatically deleted.

Facebook authorities say both the recipient and the sender need to turn on the feature to take advantage of the vanish mode. While this mode is on, even if someone takes a screenshot, his notification will be available.

Recently, Facebook has started to introduce Vanish mode in Messenger in several countries including the United States. This facility will be launched on Instagram soon.

Facebook has brought new features to celebrate Virtual Diwali this year. This includes sending various avatars and personal congratulatory messages.

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