COVID-19: The end of the journey is not visible still now

 The world is going on an uncertain journey. No one knows where it ends. Although many things have been said about coronavirus vaccines, people no longer seem to trust these assurances. 

Where this deadly virus originated from, without going into the debate, what can be clearly said is that we human beings are solely responsible for its origin.

 As a result, to bring it to an end, we as human beings must work together, not as a tool of isolated business interests.

For almost six months now, we have been hearing that this company is moving forward with the corona vaccine, but tomorrow another company is moving forward. 

It's like running an Olympic marathon. However, the difference with the marathon race is that even though there is no real progress as a result of this propaganda in the media, the share price of the company is rising steadily. 

And the man who should be at the centre of this progress is still stuck in that beginning. We do not understand where this invisible virus is taking us.

In the United States, which claims to be the most advanced country in the world, the number of people attending the death march in COVID has exceeded two and a half million. The situation in Europe, another leader of a civilization, is not very good.

 Not good for Africa, Latin America and Asia. Although Japan was able to prevent death, it is said that a third wave is now knocking on the door. There is no way to tell how many people this virus is coming to take. 

If this is the case with the rich countries, no one can say what is in the destiny of the poor ones. There seems to be no other way open to the poor people except to leave itself in the hands of fate.

Every time there has been an epidemic and a deadly disease in the world, there has been a competition among the pharmaceutical companies to engage themselves in 'human service'. 

However, the fact that there is nothing but the money behind it seems to have become much clearer in the last few months. As the big pharmaceutical companies are one of the patrons of the media as advertisers, the media is not far behind in this game. 

No matter whether China or Russia continue their research, the Western-backed media is fighting as a pharmaceutical company to discredit both countries.  They are underestimating scientific research activities in China and Russia.

We should not have difficulty in understanding. The smell of money is wafting in the air now. All the rich countries in the world are either sitting on the money in advance to buy vaccines from the western pharmaceutical companies, or the sac of promises is getting heavier day by day. 

As a result, pharmaceutical companies are very much aware that no one else can share in that money. With this awareness, with the help of the media, they are joining the fight to humiliate others.

Only a few days ago but we noticed this game of profit with drugs. Despite the discovery of the deadly disease AIDS after a series of traumatic injuries across the African continent, they refused to give the drug to Africa or other backward regions.

 Even if they agreed, it would be impossible for the poor in Africa to pay the price they paid. Only after a long period of active litigation by the United Nations and several other organizations around the world has it been possible to ship AIDS drugs to the poor. 

In those days, however, it became possible to bring AIDS to the forefront in Western countries, and when demand for drugs began to decline, companies opened the door to their 'generosity' for the poor.

This time we are watching the same game around the coronavirus vaccine. On the one hand, they are raising the price of vaccines as well as strengthening their position in the stock market by claiming that vaccines are coming, on the other hand, they are selling drugs in advance to show that these are not free products, even if millions of people die. 

As a result, it is difficult to say where the coronavirus will eventually take us.

The danger of discovering vaccines in a short period in search of quick profits is such that without knowing what the side effects of these vaccines may be in the long run, we jump into that unknown sea in an attempt to save lives. 

The COVID itself must be laughing at our deadly efforts. We have done so much to kill people, but we are now incapable of protecting even the people of our own country from tiny viruses. 

This seems to be the dilemma of the 21st century, which is telling us that now is the time to start thinking anew, at the root of that thinking is not to kill people, but to figure out how to save people. Because, the more cruel COVID-19 infection we are facing, is the fact that since the disease has succeeded in spreading from person to person, there is no time to calculate who is rich, who is poor, who is black, who is white. 

The deadly virus is infecting without that calculation. But why can't we rise above the ongoing narrowness and think of the whole of humanity as one? The sentence sounds simple but it is very difficult to implement. As a result, COVID-19 may create such flat land of global unity. But before that, it seems almost certain that it will cost a big price.

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