Chileans are stepping to the "real democracy"

 The Chilean people took revenge after 50 years. The plebiscite overturned the constitution of the military dictator Pinochet. Chile has begun to get rid of Pinochet's ghost. South America proceeds to develop one surprise after another. The recent shock after Bolivia is Chile's election. In a plebiscite in Chile, the people of the country repealed the constitution, made by Fascist ruler General Augusto Pinochet.

Chilean Spring

Evo Morales was ousted a year ago by US-backed opposition forces. In both Chile and Bolivia, the peaceful resistance of the people has been won. The people of Chile will play a pivotal role in drafting a new constitution through a referendum. 

There will be no role of the ruling party in drafting the constitution. Meanwhile, it will be based on to fulfil the aspirations of the people of the country. Such incidents are incredibly unusual in the history of politics of the world.

Usually, the ruling party or parliament makes the constitution. Occasionally a constitution is made and put to a referendum for approval. Most of the time, it also not done appropriately. Because those constitutions do not solely reflect public opinion. This time a fresh constitution will be drafted differently in Chile. 

In last Sunday's referendum, 78 per cent of voters voted in favour of inaugurating a new constitution. Apart from this, a decision has also been taken to form a constitution framing committee.

Within two months, Chile's political parties will nominate members for the constitution-drafting committee. The people will elect 155 members from among the nominees in April next year. Gender equality will be maintained in the constitution drafting committee. 

The committee will finalize the constitution by 2022 and hold a referendum again. In that referendum, the people will decide whether the new constitution is acceptable at all or not.

If two-thirds of the votes are not in favour of the constitution, then the constitution will be amended again. It is seen that the ruling party will not have any role in the constitution-making process or there will be no opportunity to impose the constitution in such away. 

For years, there has been public outcry over Chile's political and economic situation. However, the mass movement started in October of last year to resolve various crises including an increase in metro rail fares, rising commodity prices and unemployment.

To bring inequality and the cost of living into unbearable levels, activists called for the abolition of the Pinochet constitution. Because, Chileans think, Pinochet's reign is a cruel bloody history. It is a brutal period to make the protesting people disappear. 

The country cannot run according to the constitution, made by such a tyrant. The rights of the people were curtailed in Pinochet's constitution. Under intense pressure from the movement, the country's President Sebastián Piñera announced a referendum last November.
Salvador Allende

The dark chapter

It should be mentioned here that, in 1970, Pinochet wrote a new constitution. It was made by the guidance of economists at the University of Chicago, following the proponent of America's aggressive capitalist policy. In Chile, their followers are called the "Chicago Boys"- conservative ideologues. Its feature is to open the market by imposing austerity on politics. 

This led to the development of the private sector. There were completercialization of the education, medical and health sectors. Also, foreign companies, especially US companies, have access to the Chilean market.

To understand the significance of this referendum, we need to look back to the seventies of the last century. This is not a general referendum. Many people's lives, blood and disappearances are behind this referendum. 

On the night of 11th September 1973, Chilean citizens were stripped of their political rights. The military ruler Augusto Pinochet seized power by assassinating the elected ruler Salvador And with the help of the United States.

Chile entered into a period of deep darkness during Pinochet's reign of disappearance, torture, and oppression. The UN Commission on Human Rights said in April 2019 that more than 3,000 people had been killed and disappeared during Pinochet's rule. The Chilean government does not yet know what happened to at least 1,000 people.

 According to a report by the Chilean National Commission of Political Imprisonment and Torture, 35,000 people were killed, abducted and tortured during Pinochet's statute.

The search for missing people began in Chile in 1990 after the political upheaval. At that time 1,134 cases of missing persons were filed. More than two and a half thousand people were convicted of involvement in the disappearance. Initiatives were also taken to bring Pinochet to justice.

 But the United States has always been keen to protect Pinochet. Although Pinochet was eventually brought to justice in 2004, he died in 2005 before the trial could end. Now Chile is waiting for a new day to begin by rescinding Pinochet's constitution. However, the situation was not favourable to the Chilean people.

Because the ideology of global politics is not very convenient. Wearing the cloak of democracy, pseudo-fascists are seizing power in different ways in most of the countries. Citizens are disappearing in different countries. There is no environment for normal politics. 

There is no freedom of the media or the pro-government people have pretended to be neutral in monitoring the media. The referendum system has been abolished in multiple countries. By imposing the ruling party's decision, it is being said that this is what the people wanted.

Ray of Hope

Chile is a unique example for the people of these countries. The Chilean referendum is an effective example of how to stand up to the last vestiges of dictatorship at a difficult time in a democracy. With the new constitution of Chile, millions of people's sighs, blood, life and tears are mixed. 

The tears of the missing are still hovering in the winds of Atlantic. Chile is waking up gradually. Above all, Chile's new, the constitution will be an extreme protest against the brutal assassination of Salvador Allende.

The constitution, the national anthem, the national flag-nothing is permanent. All these changes from age to age. Chile is also at the crossroads of change. In the end, if Chile can write a people-friendly constitution, it could be an inspiration to many nations. In many countries, the constitution has been twisted. 

Thousands of people are disappearing. The people of those countries can also fight to bring back the lost democracy in the face of the events in Chile. It is the unity of the people that creates a new turn in history.

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