5 less familiar disturbing horror movies

In a glass cage

A former Nazi medical experimenter, named Klaus. He was in a job that encouraged him to commit the most horrendous sex-crimes against adolescent boys. Presently, not long after the war, he lives incognito someplace in Catalonia, still sought after by the police, but somewhat safe for the time being in Franco's Spain. 

But shortly, he furthermore gives in to his depraved appetites, until guilt and anguish push him to jump off the roof in an ineffective suicide attempt. He is immobilized, kept breathing on an iron lung in the confined surroundings of his cottage, where he is cared for by his aggrieved wife Griselda and her daughter Rena. Shortly a guy named, Angelo arrives his engagement who pursues the job of a nurse. 

Although Griselda disliked the guy, Klaus urges that the visitor be permitted to join the post. Quickly a perverse affair develops between Angelo and the guy, becoming ever more gruesome as Angelo discloses he has discovered the notebooks narrating Klaus' wartime experiments. 


The movie not only deals with paedophilia but promotes the troublesome sexualized killing of two adolescents.

Though it is hardly suggested and not for any type of viewers, honestly, any adult who's not prepared to tolerate material like this, shouldn't be allowed to walk the alleys at dark. "In a Glass Cage" could be one of the most disturbing horror movies ever showed. The film is awfully intense and so exceedingly disappointed and influential in its honest portrayal of mankind's downfall and instincts towards violence and brutality. 

It has impressive soundtracks and the outstanding music will make the viewer speechless, not to discuss the sound of an iron lung that has to be among the most unpleasant sounds you've ever given attention to.

August Underground

Director of the film, Vogel, starts this nauseous exhibition beckoning the unexposed cameraman to check something out in his cellar. Once down there, we discover a beaten-up girl tied to a chair, with one of her nipples missing. 

In the corner of the room is her deceased bf, the whose castrated cadaver is slumped over in a bathtub. The cameraman later jammed his toes into the woman’s mouth, which is then taped shut. That’s before, he covered her in faeces and urine and her head smashed into a wall.

The movie is presumed to be a pretend snuff film, but we don't even understand if an actual snuff film could take things this far. There is vomiting, genital mutilation, cannibalism, rape, anguish, sex with severed penises, the killing of children and other things.


 A movie is full of perversion. If you like to see disgusting stuff then it is recommended. The film has every disgusting stuff with all sorts of nasty, subverted, and dreadful things that should appease people who like to be terrified or are haunted with special effects and makeup. This movie has tremendous special effects and makeup, not to speak of watchable.g being pretty darn plausible. 


First of all, the movie is not a horror movie. Secondly, you shouldn't watch the movie if you're not used to seeing mutilation or torture. You may think at the beginning of the movie, maybe it is of the romantic comedy genre. Aoyama, a middle-aged widower who tries to fall in love again at the request of his son. In this case, his film producer friend came forward. 

His friend sets up a fake casting audition to find Aoyama's love. But neither of them knew that Aoyama was going to fall into the trap of a terrible phsycho killer named Asami. Shortly after their love affair, Asami started drugs and brutal torture to Aoyama. All the scenes that are shown are uncomfortable for a healthy person to watch. 


The violence in the movie is extreme.  Brutally piercing with a long needle, cutting off his leg with a wire saw, seeing Aoyama moaning in pain, Asami's smirking, no one could easily visualize without watching the movie. If you have the courage, you can see with your own eyes what the consequences of love with a psychopath could be. A heavily disfigured man, who is missing those organs, is impelled to eat vomit- barely watchable.


You may think—there’s something “romantic” in this German freak movie. But I am assuring you it is disturbing beyond your imagination. A married couple decides to make their sexual life more flavourful by swinging with a rotting cadaver.

Nekromantik’s leading character, Rob, who is necrophilic, takes home an unidentified deceased that he found rotting in a pond. He and his wife, Betty who is equally troubled as like him, utilizes it as a sex toy. You can’t tolerate the scene of threesome when they immediately cut a steel pipe and put a condom over it so Betty will have a phallus to straddle during their erotic time with the dead body.

Finally, his wife leaves him as he lost his job. She takes the corpse with her which she’s grown close to after reading to and cuddling alongside it. Rob, having fallen into a depression, takes his resentment out on their cat (bathing with its blood and guts in a tub) and a prostitute (murdering her and having sex with the body).

In a word, Nekromantik isn’t suitable cinema for your Sunday night. It is not certainly suggested as a "must-see" movie. Truly speaking, what made it a "must-see" for some horror fans were its taboo-breaking scenes and dwelling in filthy, disgusting contents. The director Jörg Buttgereit climaxes Rob’s misery by showing his masturbation and stab himself in the end. If you are brave enough, then watch this disgusting subject by your eye, it's your choice.


Maybe it will be one of the grisliest movies you have ever watched. It pushes the ordinary horror films into the shade. In other words, the film is full of horrors. Two surviving young ladies, Lucie and Anna after several years return to the house to seek vengeance on the residents in which house they were confined and tormented as young girls. 


They killed all inhabitants and conceal them in an adjacent pit. The movie plot would have been over if both of them, instantly left the house for their security. But one of the girls, Anna, seeks help from the police over phone. The conversations are monitored and so the following set of murderers come to resume the torture. Most of the people don't have the gut to see the gore and chaos for one and a half hours, somehow the girls survive to call police with the help of another girl.

 By the time the police appear the two girls Lucie and Anna are dead. The plot is revoltingly terrible. but you have to praise the content. The gang matron is so cruel you will want to decimate her body. Whoever has written such a dreadful story must be possessing the gruesome mind.

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