5 Habits That Will Keep Your Teeth Healthy And Beautiful Always

 As much as we think about skincare or our outlook, do we think about our oral hygiene or oral care? But more important for us is Proper Oral Care. 

Lack of proper oral care can ruin our getup our outlook completely. And an important part of oral care is our teeth. Many of us, most of the time face various dental problems. 

The main reason for this is the lack of proper care. Due to lack of proper care, various germs attack in our teeth. These germs can cause a variety of terrible diseases of the mouth. 


This slight carelessness can lead to various problems ranging from yellow teeth, tooth decay, gum infections of teeth to bad breath. Let's figure out, 5 very important practices of oral care.

Brush your teeth twice in the appropriate manner

The main reason for the problem in our teeth is the lack of proper cleaning. Just as it is important to wake up in the morning and brush your teeth, it is also important to brush your teeth properly before going to bed at night.

However, the mistake we always make when it comes to brushing our teeth is that many of us do not follow the right time and the right rules. 

So even if you brush your teeth, there is no benefit. So what is the correct rule? For best results, brush your teeth for at least two minutes.

 It is very important to prevent various bacterial or bacterial infections in the teeth. It is harmful to brush your teeth for a long time as it cannot be done in a hurry.

Wash your mouth in short time

All-day we are out in the office or for various work. At this time we eat different foods. Prolonged exposure to food particles causes bad breath, which can cause discomfort to oneself and others. 

But because of being outside, you can't brush even if you want to. In that case, mouthwash can be your friend. Mouthwashes of different brands are available in the market at different prices. 

However, before buying, you must make sure that it has the necessary ingredients. Such as eucalyptol, methyl salicylate, thymol, menthol and sodium fluoride etc. 

There is no comparison to mouthwash to get an instant solution in various activities. If you want, you have to rinse it lightly with mouthwash before going to sleep. 

However, care must be taken that the mouthwash does not get into the throat or stomach in any way. Mouthwash is an effective thing to get rid of bad smell instant on the face.

Eating habits to prevent enamel corrosion

Throughout the day, we eat a variety of foods that increase the risk of tooth decay. For example, those who love to eat chocolate, or those who have a habit of eating alcoholic foods are at higher risk of dental problems. 

Also, those who have a habit of smoking are more likely to have dental problems. Many people drink more tea and coffee than they need throughout the day. But it can also cause serious damage to the teeth. But there is no reason to worry. 

If you can't give up these habits, then you should try to clean your teeth well immediately after taking food and drink. 

Many times these foods contain 'carbonate'. These easily destroy teeth's enamel. So we have to try to pay special attention to our eating habits to prevent tooth decay.

Regular dental checkups

We feel the need to go to the doctor if we have pain in the teeth or gums, bleeding gums or gnashing of teeth. It is often seen that once the problem becomes severe, no permanent solution can be found no matter how much treatment is given. 

Even if we get relief for a while, we have to go to the doctor again after two days. So whether there is a problem or not, we should try to do a regular dental checkup once every six months, but at least once every nine months. 

It will get rid of many big problems of the future as well as instantly keep our teeth healthy and strong.

It is important to clean your teeth at the end of the meal

Many people think that it is normal for age to cause various dental problems. But it all depends on the habits we develop. Regular care mast for healthy, beautiful teeth. And the first step in regular care is to clean your teeth properly after eating, going to bed and waking up. 


Accumulation of food particles in the gums increases the risk of bacterial infections. This causes various damage to the teeth. 

Severe pain in the gums, accumulation of gums, tooth decay and even tooth loss can happen. So it is very important to clean the teeth properly at the end of the meal to protect the teeth.

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