Trump or Biden- who will be better for the Middle East?

Although the foreign policy has traditionally been the subject of recent US election debates, little has been said about the Corona pandemic, health insurance, and the realities of a fragile US economy. North Korea, China, and Ukraine have been the subject of much debate. In the recent past and now, the United States has been the mastermind of four wars in the Middle East, but in the last Trump-Biden debate, the Middle East was completely absent. There are also conflicts over the maritime borders of Azerbaijan-Armenia and the Mediterranean. 

The election comes amid continuing conflicts, the rise of Russia and Turkey, and changes in the Middle East's power structure over the past four years. If Biden wins, it will be tough to maintain US influence in the changed Middle East. Trump has developed a distinct atmosphere since the onset of the first round of campaigning in June of 2015. He openly made racist remarks on various issues, including Mexico, the Muslim issue and Hillary. Spreading hate speech all around, he created a different narrative in the minds of American voters. 

Trump has kept his promise. Since he matured in the White House, he was the first to uncover the deception in Middle East policy of the US. From there it has made some controversial decisions that are amending the political landscape of the Middle East. These historic transitions will change the path of Middle Eastern politics. The declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in 2016 was the first indication of this transition. He also abolished the Israeli-Palestinian "two-state" strategy in the name of the "Century Agreement in 2020". 

 The next step was to recognize Israel's illegal settlement in the West Bank and persuade the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan to establish relations with Israel. At the same time, "the security of the Saudis depended on the United States"- a declaration that specified the Saudis as obedient rulers of the US. Furthermore, he has proclaimed a change of ideology regarding the PKK, referring to the PKK as the guard of the United States in Syria. 

 Condemnation of Trump and his actions as president is overstated. Although the United States went to war in Afghanistan in the name of women's emancipation, they continued to support the deprivation of women's basic rights in Saudi Arab. In the name of democracy, Iraq has been reduced to rubble, but the democratically elected Venezuelan Maduro and Bolivia's Morales have been ousted. Israel has been given a free opportunity to settle illegally, by putting Palestinians without firearms at the negotiating table in the name of peace talks. Trump did not follow the way of previous presidents. Getting off the soccer field, he scored direct goals.

 In the name of the "Treaty of the Century", Israel has recognized its authority over almost all Palestinian lands. He has made a deal with the Taliban. He has spoken out in support of the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the attack on Yemen in Saudi Arabia. If Trump is elected in the second round, the foreign policy is likely to remain the same as in the first term.

 But there are still doubts about whether Trump will be able to circumvent the Iran war. But, surprisingly, if Biden wins, the situation in the Middle East is likely to return to the previous condition of other presidents. Joe Biden has been a partner in Washington's political elite for nearly four decades. Biden was vice president during the Obama administration and was a staunch supporter of the Iraq war. Interested readers must not forget how the Obama-Biden duo waged civil wars in Syria and Libya in the name of the "Arab Spring" and helped Sisi to oust the first elected president in the history of modern Egypt.

 Obama-Biden's public support for the failed military coup in Turkey in 2016 should not be forgotten. However, Biden has already signalled a retrieval to a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli issue, including the establishment of peace in the Middle East, the strengthening of democracy, the revival of the 2015 Iran-US nuclear deal, and the reinstatement of Mohammed bin Salman and Erdogan. But while Biden is talking about these startling new ways of working, the general public has questioned why all these steps were not taken while in power. 

 Biden's accomplishment will not change the image of the Middle East war. Because this war is not in the Middle East but the United States. Like Obama, Biden is another mirage, belligerent and self-proclaimed Zionist. If the current Democrats including Biden, had anything to offer the Middle East there would be no civil war in Syria or Libya under Obama. Syrians and Iraqis did not have to drown in the Mediterranean for a piece of bread. 

Biden is trying to capture the vote bank of blacks, liberals, anti-establishment and Muslims by pronouncing sweet words. He has been very successful in this project. Because despite the limitations, already world-renowned protestant intellectuals Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis and Colonel West are all encouraging to vote Biden against Trump's fascism.

 But the question remains as to whether supporting one villain against another will provide a possible solution? In a recent column on Al-Jazeera, Hamid Dabassi gave a detailed answer to this question. Dabbasi has compared the choice of Biden by many, including Chomsky and Davis, to an attempt to "leave one straw in the floating sea and look for another." 

 Citizens of the United States will elect their president on 3rd November. The elected US president will determine the fate of the Middle East, along with millions of people around the world, just like during the colonial era. On a large scale, Trump has done something extremely disgusting. But how he has resisted the onslaught to Iran, despite strong pressure from Washington and Saudi bloc and deterred the Syrian-Libyan civil war, has given the people of the Middle East a chance to breathe, albeit for a short time.

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