Surprising come back of Morales in Bolivia

The resurrection of socialism?

Socialism of Bolivia won and survived...

Evonomics (Evo's Economics) is probably coming back to Bolivia again. Former Bolivian President Evo Morales's party, the Movement for Socialism (MAS), is on track to win Sunday's election. Although the final results have not been announced, the booth return poll suggests that Luis Arce will get 52 per cent of the vote.

It is not just a single victory for Luis Arce, but a victory for former president Evo Morales, exiled in Argentina. Above all, it is the constitutional coup of the Bolivian people against the US-centric world leaders. Morales was not only ousted but also expelled from the country in a so-called coup that developed a state of panic in November last year. The Bolivians also responded to the conspiracy through a coup d'etat of the ballot.

Morales won the election in November last year. However, the United States raised questions about that election. Morales was also not above controversy. Morales was not considered for the referendum. He was elected for the fourth time in a row on 20th October last year following a court order. He is the first indigenous president of Bolivia.

Supporters of former President Carlos Mesa took to the streets accusing him of rigging the election. Earlier, the US State Department said the election was not fair and set the stage for highway heating. At the behest of the US, the far-right attacked supporters of Morales and government officials. Despite announcing new elections, the opposition did not leave the streets; Rather it creates a chaotic situation across Bolivia.

Learnings for both parties

The Bolivian military and police forces also withdrew behind from Evo Morales by the staged movement of Carlos Messa supporters. Bolivian civil society also joined. But the United States has probably failed to reach out to Bolivia's interim government and election commission. That's why candidate of Morales's party won again.

The Bolivian election has left some messages for Morales and Carlos Messa. The message for Messa is that the people are the ultimate source of omnipotence. They will decide who will be in power. An elected government can be overthrown with the help of external forces, but elections cannot be won.

And the message for Morales is that one cannot consolidate his position through the development and regional politics alone. Transparency is a very important element in politics. Otherwise, the vicious circle can enter and disrupt politics. Those who remained silent during anti-Morales protests of last year voted for the Morales-backed candidate. This means that people do not like a ruler to be in power at any cost.

Bolivia established its position under the leadership of Morales, i
n contemporary Latin American countries. Morales is one of the most successful rulers in South America. He was not a representative of the socialist or working-class; rather he wanted to mix socialism with capitalism in the name of economics. This policy of Morales is called by many as socialist capitalism. He supported nationalization as well as the expansion of the private sector, especially in the agricultural sector.

Morales took growth to 6 per cent. During his time domestic production tripled. His government eliminated social and economic inequalities. He brought down the poverty rate to 15 per cent. Meanwhile, the rate of unemployment is decreased. The purchasing power of the masses also increased. Despite gaining the trust of the people, Morales was disliked by the United States.

The US lost the game

The United States naturally wanted to see the victory of the far-right, but the public is left out. Voters have done their job. Now Morales and his follower Arce have to complete the next task. Last year's political crisis has not been resolved yet. The people of Bolivia are still split up. Some people believe Morales was removed from power by a palace conspiracy. The other side thinks last year's presidential election was flawed. This division needs to be overcome.

No major corruption or irregularities charges were filed against Morales. Morales was known in the world media as an anti-US imperialist leader. He was in favour of the release of Julian Assange. Venezuela's Hugo Chávez wanted to create an anti-US zone in South America. He justifies Argentina's claim to the Falkland Islands.

Morales has always won the legal and voting battle. Morales, who moved to the central stage of national politics through labour politics, nationalized Bolivia's mineral resources. This leftist ruler ensured the land rights of the tribals. His policies and procedures did not follow the advice of the World Bank and the IMF. That is why he had to lose power.

Exactly one year later, the people of Bolivia paid the price for removing Morales from power. There was not much discussion in the US and Western media about this election. The results of this election were not given much importance; rather the attempt to avoid can be noticed. Doubts have also begun to emerge that this democracy will not last.

The ruler who brought political and economic stability to Bolivia improved the living standards of its citizens; On the eve of his party's victory again, the world leaders are in great anxiety. Because, if Morales's party is in power, the resources of Amazon and Andes cannot be extracted without any problem.

However, the western media has started dissipating new stories after the hint of the collapse of the extreme rightists in the election. This time the story is that Bolivia's democracy is in a very precarious position.

Morales- the shadow

Bolivia will not become a hub for big foreign corporates. The idea is that Morales will run Bolivian politics from behind the scenes. Luis Arce has served as Morales's finance minister. Bolivia is expected to return to normalcy. Recently Bolivia's economy is not very promising. Last year they confronted the lowest growth since 2001, at 2.1. Many are dreaming that Morales will get Bolivia out of this situation even if he is not in power.

Another message of Bolivia's election is that fascism can be established in the country with the help of outside forces, anarchy can be generated but the minds of the people cannot be won. Although popular rulers can be hidden from view by being sent to jail and deported, they cannot be erased from the minds of the voters

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