How to understand if you are wasting your life?

With a little observation, you can recognize how easily you are ruining your precious time and life. There are thousands of catalysts responsible for this. But the fact is how confident you are to overcome these obstacles. Anyway, we will try to figure out how we are shoving our lives into uncertainty.

Social media Addiction

Suppose you pick up your cellphone to call someone or send an urgent mail. After a minute you have discovered you are scrolling on social media unnecessarily without doing the mandatory works and don't even know why!

If you have had such experiences more often, then congratulation (!) you are ruining your life. Social media are platforms which are built in a way that will bring you back again and again.

Multiple studies have already confirmed that social media addiction is identical to drug addiction. Researchers at California State University in the US have also correlated social media addiction to cocaine addiction. 

Researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway have evolved a method of measuring addiction to social media especially on Facebook, called the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale (BFAS). In this strategy, you will get the number in terms of six conditions. There are 5 levels of numbering -

1. Very rarely,

2. Less,

3. Medium,

4. More,

5. Too much.

If the answers to at least four questions are  'much' or 'too much', then you must believe that you are addicted to Facebook.

Expecting Miracle

You spend time, thinking about some godsend will take place in your life. But you are interested to put some effort. You are completely indifferent to come out of your imaginary world.

Doing unnecessary things

You feel a kind of urge to waste your time in superficial or meaningless works according to your wish. Meanwhile, these types of works have no impact on your life.

Ignoring Problems

You are callous to unravel your problems. You are kinda indifferent to upcoming consequences. Remember, today's trivial problems will grow bigger gradually.

Incapable of taking strong decision
You are failing to take a strong decision to change your life more than once. Every time you break the promise to yourself you had made.

Aimless life

You can't find the ultimate goal of your life and always
feel restless. Therefore, most of the time you avoid the crowd and live a life of a lone wolf.

Unstable emotions

You feel persistently irritated, joys bound you but not longer than a few moments. Then, you require to check out what’s wrong with you.

Obsession for people

You are obsessed with the individual
. You eagerly wait for him/her to treat you like someone special. Always begging for his/her priority. But the reality is, nobody could care about you like your friends and family.

Illogical Show off

If you always show off to grab the attention of some random guys or girls. Please give up this awful habit. I bet, you won't get anything from iy. It’s such annihilation of time.

Stuck in past

Sticking to the past means destroying your own life. The sooner you forget your past, the better for you. Take it as a lesson for the future. Trust me, what the creator does, only for our betterment.
 Time heals everything. You will glow or grow in upcoming days. Hold your head straight and never plunge in the same mistake again.

Unsatisfied with physical appearence

 You are always dishearten with your appearance. It is pointless in being frustrated with your appearance. Be confident, be successful, oneday everyone will be fascinated by you.

 If someone says something unpleasant about something you made, it is humiliating to you. In the same way, to be disheartened with the appearance of God's creation is just like to embarrass the Creator.

Trying to be everyone's friend

You always try to keep everyone happy. It is nothing but the demolition of vitality. The one who wants to keep everyone happy is not real friend, he is a joker. You alone couldn't make all the people, happy. A great man says that the person who has many friends, which means he has no real friends.

 Vengeanence in mind
Dwelling with revenge or hatred in mind means consuming the most beautiful moments of your life pointlessly. You can't tolerate the success of that man. If he does good, you will continue to burn in the fire of enevy. Rather than, leave the responsibility of revenge on nature. We all know, " Karma is a bitch"

Listening negative people

Suppose you are a pessimist or you spend a lot of time with people who tell you that you can’t do it.

If you are easily confused by people's word, whenever someone says something negative about you, you think you can't move forward. Then, verily, you couldn't earn something great in your life.

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