How the Supreme Court Could Affect Voting Rules?

The US presidential election is going to be held on  3rd November. In the meantime, the voting politics of different fronts have become more enthusiastic, one of which is the judiciary. 

The Judiciary Front is particularly concerned about the vacancy, created by the death of popular and progressive Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose influence could play a crucial role in assuming victory or defeat in the presidential election.

President Trump has already nominated, Federal Conservative Court judge, Amy Coney Barrett, for the post. We should remember, this nomination should be approved by the U.S. Senate. 

The approval is due to the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate, although the Democratic Party is adamantly opposed to the appointment as it has happened just weeks before the election.

There are already many legal battles going on regarding election issues that could affect the outcome of the upcoming elections. Legal battles are now taking place in the lower courts, which could escalate to the Supreme Court. Of the current eight judges from the Apex Court, five are nominated by Republicans and three by Democrats. 

So if Amy Barrett, the nominee of Trump, could be appointed to the current vacancy and if the dispute over the election results goes to the Apex Court, then the court's verdict is expected to be in her favour.

Trump has already scrapped talks with Democrats on an urgent stimulus package to revive the troubled U.S. economy. Instead of that, he is prioritizing on Barrett's appointment before 3rd November. 

Undoubtedly, we could say the appointment has become too important to Trump at this moment.

The main issue in the legal battle over the election is related to the people's right to vote. The Democratic Party favours the expansion of suffrage, which will ensure the voting of Africans, Americans and other blacks, most of whom are supporters of the Democratic Party. 

On the other hand, the Republican Party is determined to deprive minority voters of their right to vote.

Advance voting is an important means of expanding the right to vote. To make decisions about decentralized voting is a responsibility of the states of the country. So there are many inconsistencies could be found in prevailing voting laws of the country. This inconsistency also exists widely in case of early voting.

Voters are allowed in advance voting for myriad reasons. absence of voters in the constituency during the election is one of the main causes. If you want to vote in advance due to absence, voters have to send a request for the ballot in advance. However, in many states, all voters are allowed in advance voting by postal ballot. 

In these states, ballots are sent to voters before the election by the state government, which they fill out and return by post. In some states, they can also submit filled ballots in dropboxes at designated locations.

The appointment of judges is also gaining importance for another reason. President Trump is already embroiled in controversy over the election. He is also inciting his supporters to violent behaviour.

Thirteen of his white extremist followers have recently been arrested for allegedly kidnapping a Democratic-elected governor of Michigan over Trump's provocation to "liberate" the state of Michigan.

If he loses the election, he will allege fraud and harassment to his supporters. Then he could ask the legislatures of the six states where the Republican party is in a strong position, to nominate the members of the Electoral College from his supporters. Then, he will also urge to give them the freedom to vote for president

Incidentally, the number of members of the Electoral College for the US Presidential election is determined based on the population of each state. The candidate who will receive the support of 270 members of the Electoral College will be elected President. 

According to the prevailing rules, the candidate who gets the majority of the votes in the state will get the support of the members of all the electoral colleges designated for that state.

However, an Apex Court ruling empowers the legislatures of each state to relax this obligation. A report in Atlantic Magazine alleges that some Republican leaders were preparing to go to the Supreme Court in advance.

 If that happens, then the issue of victory or defeat in the election will be completely dependant on the Supreme Court, then it would be an urgent issue for Trump to hastily appoint his choice in the vacant post of Justice Ginsburg.

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