5 movie scenes that completely change the films

 1.The last scene- La La Land

Based on Damien Chazelle's story, the movie "La La Land" speaks the tale of two people. They clash, plunge into love and strive to make a life together. Meanwhile, they try to keep their passions alive. You couldn't figure out "La La Land" as your normal relationship or lyrical movie, since it blends all two genres simultaneously through innovation. 


Every audience expects the perfect ending that Sebastian and Mia are finally happy with each other and they are successful in their careers. But further, it discloses that it was only a dream sequence.

Understanding that they're preordained for failure puts up with La La Land from feel-good movie to emotional one, and it's that tragic transition scene that shows Sebastian replaced with Mia's spouse as she stares him perform that conveys the fatal blow. "One knowing nod"- tells us that they acknowledged this harsh truth they wouldn't reunite together. 

2. The fight for the title- Million Dollar Baby

Do you remember the movie "Million Dollar Baby"?  One simply sweeping moment, the film is shifted from a traditional sports film to a stunning, emotional consideration of life and how we deal with it. The film follows a young woman named, Maggie who is an amateur boxer under the coaching of underappreciated trainer Frankie and the biggest match of Maggie's boxing life changes the plot of the entire film. 


Due to an illegal sucker punch, Maggie falls on a mistakenly positioned stool and became a ventilator-reliant quadriplegic. At last, Maggie requests Frankie to help take her life owing to her unbearable injuries. The boxing beat-em-up movie turns into a movie of deeply heartfelt and moving.

Rather than a cinema based on sports and conquering the odds, the movie undermines all expectation and moves in totally the distinct direction with one clip - that shows the unjustness of the competition sometimes costs life.

3.Leslie's lost Forever - Bridge To Terabithia

Children's movies are usually entertaining and in some cases teach a moral lesson. One thing that is common in children's movies is that we become nostalgic thinking about our childhood after watching those.

The movie "Bridge to Terabithia" is established on the story of two children named Jess and Leslie, who are very close. Inside the forest, they build an imaginary kingdom where they can condone the hardships of their lives. 


But these beautiful moments don't last in the end. At one point of the movie, Leslie dies tragically at the rain-swollen creek. Jess was not with her at that time. He went on a trip with his teacher. Jess continues to suffer from guilt for not inviting Leslie with him.

Although at the end of the movie Jess overcomes his emotions and bonds with his sister, the saddest thing is that Leslie is lost forever and casting a shadow of complete sadness throughout the movie. That one scene has turned the film into a heart-wrenching movie from the kid's picture of a fictitious world.

4. Returning To The Airport - Ladybird

Lady Bird is the story of a girl who has just reached adolescence and is preparing for college. Throughout the movie, the girl named Christine clashes with her mother. Christine - aka the self-titled Lady Bird - has a strained relationship with her mother, Marion, throughout the film. 


The main point of her daughter's conflict with Marion is that she can't afford to teach her daughter at the big city university. She's not that rich, but her daughter, Lady Bird, has always wanted to study at renowned universities outside the state.

As the movie progresses, Lady Bird is seen securing a place in New York. As a result, his mother Marion gets angry and doesn’t talk to her for the rest of the summer. They don't talk much even when she dropped her off at the airport. But then in the very next scene, we see Marion's, motherly heart. With all the emotions for her daughter reflect and she decides to go back to her daughter. But it’s too late to say goodbye to her daughter. She was already gone.

It’s short, cheerful, and in tune with the rest of the movie, but this one moment defines how much Marion cares for her daughter, no matter how harsh she was towards her throughout the entire journey. It’s that turning point which has made the film as emotionally sensitive as it is now.

5. The tattoo on arm- Harold and Maude

The movie is a black comedy that follows a young man named Harold fascinated by death. He is weird about trying fake suicides in different methods that is the reason for the distress of his family members. 


Maude, a 79-year-old lady who believes in living life to the fullest with a happy-go-lucky attitude to dying too. Eventually, Harold meets Maude. Gradually, they develop an improbable friendship, and later on, the relationship converts into a romantic connection. Therefore, it upsets his immediate family members again as he's only 18-years-old then.

And when the fascination of the two with death attracts the audience, the ultimate truth discloses. When Harold discovers Maude's painful past, a new context and meaning emerge in the whole movie. The underlying meaning of celebrating their lives so beautifully suddenly changes.

The scene reveals Maude is a holocaust survivor of Nazi Concentration Camp as she has a tattoo on her arm.

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