Has corona vaccine become political weapon?

Politics has taken a new turn with the corona vaccine. It can be said that the United States and its allies have confronted a massive blow. The third stage trial of the Oxford vaccine has been postponed due to adverse reactions in the volunteer's body. 

There is now fierce competition between several countries for vaccines and marketing. The final game of diplomacy is being played over- who will bring the vaccine to the market first? who will buy the vaccine from which country? US President Donald Trump has announced that he wants a vaccine before the election of 3rd November.

Russia, meanwhile, is in a rush to approve its own vaccine without forecasting.

According to the World Health Organization, the number of Corona vaccine in the world is 180. However, no vaccine could accomplish the third stage trial. In the third phase, the Oxford vaccine was also stuck for the time being.

 This is very common for vaccine testing. Myriad vaccines are suspended for adverse reactions at different stages of the test. It also gets approval to enter the market after finishing off the test to correct the mistake. Therefore, the Oxford vaccine will be either approved or cancelled, it is not feasible to declare right now; Rather, it may enter the market after further testing. 

The problem is not with the quality and destiny of the Oxford vaccine. The problem is - researcher countries are striving to build their own position in international politics. In a multi-centred world, multiple parties compete for leadership. Whenever the world faces a new phenomenon, the discordant countries grab the advantage of it and become active in securing their own position in the negotiation table.

It could be regional conflicts, wars, natural catastrophes, or epidemics. Even sports events can be the political stage of the competition. Such behaviour of the state not only manifests its power but also the issue of economic gain. In the end, disease epidemics, vaccine research — all belong to real politics, that is the true face of politics.

The main thing here is to ensure the interests of the leaders of the state rather than humanism or idealism. Therefore, the corona epidemic and its overall vaccination process need to be considered in the light of real politics. 

The Corona epidemic has become a new component in world politics.
In a word, four countries are very active in Corona vaccine politics: China, the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia. Russia has come to this politics in silence and has shocked everyone at the last moment. 

The United States and the United Kingdom have tried to avoid corona outbreaks from the beginning. China also initially tried to suppress, but later used the Corona epidemic to create its own zone in the international arena.

Donald Trump wants to launch the vaccine in the market and overcome the electoral dilemma. Trump will also want to regulate world politics with the vaccine. The United States will seek to gain its own interests by bargaining with countries like Iran for vaccinations. The superpower could impose vaccine sanctions on Iran. 

The politics of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are different here. Johnson is already upset about Brexit. He came to power by telling childish stories to his supporters. But now he comprehended the real scenario.

In the end, Britain may leave the European Union without an agreement. It will never be advantageous for Britain both financially and commercially. In this case, the discovery of the vaccine in Oxford will give Boris a chance to breathe a sigh of relief. And both China and Russia want to prove themselves as alternatives to the United States. India has entered the politics of vaccines even without making any vaccines.

 The Oxford vaccine will be produced by the Pune Serum Institute of India.
There is strong propaganda that India is pressuring various neighbouring countries to buy that vaccine. During the time of Corona, politics is the strategy of competing countries to invent and market vaccines. From the beginning, Chinese companies have been at the forefront of inventing vaccines. 

Later the Oxford of UK joins at the race. Then institutions in the United States also became active. In addition to this, research is being done to invent corona vaccine in different countries including Germany, France, Japan and it has come a long way. However, there is not much discussion about them. 

The main argument revolves around Russia, China, the United States and the United Kingdom. The world is now roughly divided over the corona vaccine. On the one hand, pharmaceutical companies in the United States and the United Kingdom. On the other hand, the Chinese and Russian companies. Russia was the first to approve the vaccine. Soon after the news broke, the Western media and their followers jumped on Russia.

 The negative analysis begins with the quality of the Russian vaccine and whether it complies with conventional norms. Many have rejected the Russian vaccine. Naturally, Russia is ahead of the others in approving the vaccine. Soon after the news broke, the Western media and their followers jumped on Russia.

 Many thought that the Oxford vaccine would come to the market and compete with the Russian vaccine. Many countries have taken steps to receive Oxford vaccines.

The postponement of the Oxford vaccine Test is a major blow to the United States and its allies. If the Oxford vaccine is delayed, many countries like south asians or africans will be inclined to vaccination program of China and Russia. 

It will give Russia and China a chance to form a new image. Russia and China will emerge as saviours around the world. 

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