Could Arab leaders protect Netanyahu and Trump?

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu were in great trouble. One is accused of electoral rigging, on the other hand, serious corruption case against another. It is great news for both of them that Arab allies are trying to pull Trump and Netanyahu out of the crisis. Once it looked like they were standing on the verge of their political careers. 

By stabbing the Palestinian dream, the Gulf states of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have played the role of strengthening the hands of Netanyahu and Trump. The announcement of Israel's diplomatic relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain was totally unexpected. Criticized for his reckless speech and actions, Trump, surprised everyone once again with his diplomatic skills. But rumours of secret relations with Israel and other Arab countries, including these two countries, have been on the table for years. 

Netanyahu was present at the inauguration of the new Sultan of Oman. Analysts had earlier warned that Netanyahu's presence was a sign of change in Gulf politics. That rumour is now beginning to take shape.
Trump and Netanyahu will be the biggest beneficiaries of the Bahrain-UAE agreement with Israel. Both of them were indicted of corruption, incitement to racism, failure to control COVID-19 and various other allegations. Netanyahu has been arraign of corruption in Tel Aviv. 

This is very unusual for Israel. Whatever, the activities of Israel or its Prime Minister, the army and the intelligence agency, Mossad, is always unquestionable. Because everything is done in the name of making Israel stronger and more stable. The indiscriminate killing and eviction of Palestinians are not so audible. All Israeli prime ministers have Palestinian blood on their hands. The Jews consider Israel to be the "Promised Land of God". So the prime ministers of Israel see the implementation of this state as "God's great responsibility". 

No one backed away from this promise. If anyone suspects a deviation, the result is the same as that of Isaac Robin. He was assassinated by extremists in November 1995, a year and a half after the signing of the Oslo Accords with the Palestinians. It is almost impossible and unrealistic to protest against such an Israeli Prime Minister. What was considered unreal a few days ago is now happening in front of our eyes. Day after day, thousands of Israelis are protesting on the streets of Tel Aviv, ignoring COVID-19. 

 If the allegations of corruption are proven, Netanyahu will not only lose the PM's job, he could also be jailed. Not only corruption but also war crimes charges can also be filed against Netanyahu. However, the International Criminal Court (ICC) launched an investigation into war crimes against Israeli officials in December last year. This move by the ICC is very uncomfortable for Israel and Netanyahu.

 The ICC's war crimes investigation initiative is the first blow. Now, in the international arena, the Palestinians and others will have the opportunity to raise different allegations against Israel, including involvement in inhumane acts. With this circumstance, the ongoing corruption trial has put Netanyahu in even more turmoil. Meanwhile, another trusted ally of Netanyahu, Trump, is in huge problem over the election. Just before the election, the COVID-19 epidemic has further complicated the situation. 

Trump was trying to improve the condition by inciting racism inside the country, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Despite the controversy, he went a long way. In the meanwhile, COVID-19 came to the country. Trump has repeatedly accused China of spreading COVID-19.
Could Arab leaders protect Trump and Netanyahu?
Floyd, a black man, was killed by police during the COVID-19 epidemic. Though protests spread around the world, including in the United States, Trump sought to incite hatred. Moreover, John Bolton, Trump's former national security adviser, exposed some problematic evidence for Trump in his memoir on the White House. There, Bolton wrote, Trump sought the help of Chinese President Xi Jinping to be re-elected as president. All in all, the popularity of Trump and Netanyahu is now on the decline.

 Only the tide of popularity can bring them back to their old form. But it will not be easy to gain the confidence of the citizens again for their deeds. But small initiatives by Arab leaders could change the situation if only to prove that Arab leaders are with Israel. This Arab initiative will not only give Trump and Netanyahu a strong foothold in world politics but will also give them a new impetus in domestic politics. 

Bahrain and the UAE's announcement of an agreement with Israel provides that strength. As we all know, the Jewish lobby played an important role in the US election. Many believe that their position on the Israeli-Palestinian issue is largely responsible for the end of the political career of Bernie Sanders, the anti-establishment leader in the United States, or Jeremy Corbyn in the United Kingdom. Both spoke in favour of Palestine. That's why anti-Semitic allegations against Corbyn have been investigated. Britain's Labor Party has also apologized.

 But scenarios could not be changed. Trump has already done some work to win the support of this powerful Jewish lobby by declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Now he has made the whole thing even stronger by annexing Bahrain and the UAE to Israel. Netanyahu, meanwhile, has always claimed that Arab leaders are with him. He raised the issue strongly, especially when the ICC initiated a war crimes investigation.

 But the support of Arab leaders was needed. Netanyahu is heading to Washington to negotiate with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates over corruption. This is a huge achievement in Israel's foreign policy. This achievement could be Netanyahu's bulwark. The Israeli parliament needs an absolute majority of the right wings in the Knesset to prevent corruption cases. After Bahrain and the UAE, the final equation will be matched after the recognition of Saudi Arabia. 

It will probably be after the next Israeli election. Occupancy is increasing day by day. The recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was the first stride to execute their plan. Now only Saudi Arabia is left. In the next election, Netanyahu and Likud's party will campaign for Saudi recognition. Earlier, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates boost their confidence.

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