The Communist Party of China: Chinese dragon on its way to 100 years

The big difference between China and the countries of Europe, America is that there is no civil society in that country. The state is everything there. The ruling party is omnipresent everywhere.

Although the economy is the capitalist, the name of the ruling party is 'Communist Party'. The party, which is known as the CPC, turned into 99. This time the celebration was not so much. There will be a massive event in July next year. Its countdown has already begun.

 At the same time, a tumultuous campaign against this political party has started all over the world.

Have changed themselves; They also want to change geopolitics

China is a political party of 1.4 billion people. For the time being it is unusual and wonderful. The capitalist system means class society. In a class-divided society, it is difficult to combine the interests of different classes into one group.

 The CPC is doing that. The matter is not ordinary. It is amazing that they are able to regulate everything properly. CPC is one of the two largest political parties in the world.
The Communist Party of China:  Chinese dragon on its way to 100 years

In India, the BJP claims more members. Whatever the truth of this claim, the two largest parties in the world are now in power side by side. The BJP, formed in 1970, has formed the government in several phases with occasional breaks.

After 17 years of establishment, they got a large number of seats in the parliament. The CPC had to struggle for 27 years in various forms, armed and unarmed, to come to power.

 Then from onwards of 1949 , they ruled China for almost seven decades. Founded in 1921, the group has seen two major signs in its centenary. In addition to radically changing China, they want to change the geopolitics of the rest of the world.

In the heat of that desire, a wave of dangerous excitement has appeared around the world. Everyone is thundered when they see a huge hawk in the place of the pigeons of the past.

NATO Intelligence Forces vs. Factory Revolution

There is controversy in China over the value and extent of civil liberties. But even the country's critics cannot help but acknowledge the economic rise. Today's China is a wonder in terms of infrastructure and industrial development. The credit for this achievement goes to CPC.

Usually, in large groups, we notice bureaucratic slowness and inertia of ideolog. But the CPC is phenomenal. Once upon a time, they were in a strict socialist position.

From that place, they have transformed themselves into state capitalism. The CPC has not lost control of social and political stability in this ideological shift. The ruling parties in the Socialist Alliance of Russia and Eastern Europe failed in this assignment. The CPC has always rescued itself quickly from mistakes.

There are many examples of these mistakes during and after Mao Zedong. This time it was seen in Corona. The epidemic came from their source. But they themselves have managed the situation a lot.

 They will also bring the vaccine before the end of the year.

The nearly 100-year-old team has never had a leadership crisis and the leaders did not seem incapable of leading the party. The CPC has radically changed China with its team dynamics and efficient leadership.

 Because of poverty, China was once called the "sick man of Asia." In the last 60 years, the leadership has been able to bring about a radical change in the way of life of the citizens. Besides, China is now the second largest economy in the world.

China accounts for at least 15 per cent of the global economy of about 200 countries. For these successes, foreigners often applaud the country's state capitalist path. However, the development of the rural area was seen during the socialist period of Mao Zedong. Combining these two, the CPC finds an indigenous 'path' to 'socialism'.

 By making agro-based China a global factory, they have made available the cheap industrial products all around the world.

In a word, China's 'factory revolution' reaches door-to-door in the consumer-world with the help of NATO spies when they were finding communists in the country.

The list of crises is also very long

On the 100th anniversary of the 99th anniversary, the list of crises facing the Chinese ruling party has become much longer. The dissatisfaction of the Tibetans was created by the Mao era.

These include the Tiananmen genocide of 1989, the persecution of the Uyghurs, the constant pressure on Taiwan to join the mainland, the attempts to keep Hong Kong down, and the disputes with its neighbours.
The Communist Party of China:  Chinese dragon on its way to 100 years

The most dangerous crisis is income inequality among the citizens. Urbanites are getting three to four times more income than villagers. The lower, 25 percent of the society has only one share of the country's wealth.

One-third of the wealth has been deposited near one part of the upper floor. Such inequality is quite rare in the world. This is the research of Peking University itself.

Four out of every ten new billionaires in the world are now being made from China. The number of billionaires already stands at around 400. If you count Hong Kong and Macau, the number is even higher.

This is very funny, this is what is happening under the rule of the so-called 'Communist Party'. At the same time, they have lifted about 850 million people out of poverty.

According to the date set by President Xi Jinping, extreme poverty will have to eradicate from the marginalized districts by December of this year.

The CPC wants to mark its 100th anniversary by bringing extreme poverty to zero. Hundreds of thousands of party members across the country are now investigating the poverty situation in the field from house to house.

CPC wants to see the per capita income of all the people of the country double by 2021. Such a political party cannot help but envy other countries in South Asia. However, despite being a 'model of development', China does not impress the world with its human rights standards at all.

Internationally, China has become a model of a state dependent on "comprehensive surveillance of its citizens." But Mao was talking about the principle of 'let a hundred flowers bloom' in 1956.

Activists for social justice in different parts of the world have not received any help from China. Rather the opposite is widespread. Helping corrupt dictators indiscriminately with money is now a major part of China's foreign policy.

Apart from expanding the scope of its dominance, there is no trace of democratic values ​​in China's foreign policy. South Asian
small country, Bangladesh is a big victim of China's diplomacy in the Rohingya crisis with Myanmar.

A well-known Chinese slogan over the past few decades has been "stand up for peace." The latest situation says China is willing to rise "at any cost". China resolved its border issue with Russia in 11 years of negotiations. In 1999, the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was destroyed by a NATO plane.

China has remained silent on those provocations. But Ladakh has gone in the opposite direction with India. President Xi Jinping's latest stance has been to the advantage of China's rival, the United States.

It is in the political interest of the US rulers to trap Beijing in the war. Apart from the United States, anti-China propaganda is currently underway in various important countries including Britain, Australia and India.

The CPC has no international allies to handle it. The rulers, they have befriended with money, are lack of the moral strength to fight for China. Meanwhile, hundreds of companies are shifting their investments from China to escape US trade sanctions.

The much-discussed Belt and Road Initiative by President Xi did not meet up to expectations. The bank called BRICS is also not working well. But it wanted to be an alternative to the World Bank.

The target of CPC is 2049

This is a challenging moment for the CPC. They wanted to keep the year 2021 colorful with a huge event. But the China Sea is trembling with the tension of war.

Every week, the United States and its allies take action against the country. Statements and condemnations are going on every day.

"How to corner China" in the US election campaign has become the main manifesto. But even last year, the trade between the two countries was about 700 billion dollars. The Trump administration has already said it wants CPC members and their families to resist coming to the United States.

This means a travel ban for almost all Chinese leaders. Verily, the proposal is incredible one . US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also called on the Chinese people to stand up against the CPC last week.

The diplomatic value of these provocative statements is small. But there are clear signs of the beginning of a frenzy of hatred to China and the CPC in many countries of both East and West. This situation is a big challenge for the CPC.

Though the party has full control over the situation at home, it won't be same in abroad.

The culture of collective leadership that was introduced in the CPC during Deng Xiaoping's tenure has now weakened. Xi Jinping's policy is affecting the CPC from head to toe at the moment. He is also the country's president, party secretary and army chief.

His psychology says that for now, the CPC wants to move forward while maintaining a tough stance with the opposition. Opposition groups in Hong Kong are being dealt with in the same way. Chinese warplanes are always flying over Taiwan's airspace.

It seems that President Xi is trying to mix nationalist pride with economic development policy. He wants to see rising of China to new heights on its 100th anniversary. He is calling it the 'Dream of China'.

The world is not sure how much democratic values ​​are in this dream, which has divided the international arena for and against China. Chinese companies are facing resistance in different countries. The current general secretary is responsible for this situation.

 In the days to come, the fate of the CPC will depend on the success or failure of Xi Jinping's policy. However, next year the party wants to celebrate 100 years of establishment as well as the centenary of being in power in 2049. Until then, they want to be the world's leading mentor. The Chinese dragon will breathe a sigh of relief after fulfilling its deepest desire.

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