UAE-Israel agreement : Death of Palestinian dream?

UAE-Israel agreement : Death of Palestinian dream?
The United Arab Emirates and Israel have agreed to a bilateral peace agreement. The question might arise, why this ‘bilateral peace agreement’? Has there ever been a war between Israel and the UAE? No, there was no war, even the UAE today did not exist during the Arab-Israeli war. In fact, the US has introduced Saudi Arabia, including the UAE, the sole guardian of the Palestinians with the term 'bilateral peace agreement'.

Tactically, Qatar, Iran and Turkey have been left out. Trump's announcement would establish the bilateral relations under the terms of the agreement, and Israel would refrain from acquiring other Palestinian lands, including the West Bank. But Netanyahu says Israel will not stop acquiring land. So is this agreement just to deceive the people? This question remains still now.

This is not the first time that a "bilateral peace agreement" has been incorporated in the list of fraudulent agreements. Israel has not complied with the Oslo Accords. Trump and his son-in-law Kushner, the architects of this year's bilateral peace deal, had earlier called for the "Treaty of the Century" to oust Palestinians from their land. Even then, the unwavering support of the countries of Saudi Arabia was matched. Like Israel, Trump has also benefited from the deal.

Following the footsteps of all other US presidents, Trump openly took responsibility for the state of Israel. He acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and extinguished the last hope of the Palestinians in the name of the 'Treaty of the Century'. He recently persuaded the UAE to "normalize" bilateral relations with Israel.The way Trump has met Israel's demands, it is to be hoped that the Israeli lobby, especially those who shape US politics, will strongly support Trump in next November's election. Trump who was in a fish out of water situation after failing to deal with the Corona, Russia's rise in Middle East politics and the recent trade war with China and now these will be the main ways for Trump to win the election.

Egypt had previously established diplomatic relations with Israel in 1979 and Jordan in 1994. Under the 1979 Camp David Accords, Egypt receives about 1 billion USD aid from the United States per year. The Americans are controlling the Egyptian army instead of money. However, the timing and relevance of the aforementioned diplomatic relations were different.The sudden move of UAE demand an explanation during this Corona period.

Another question may arise, why the UAE? Why not Saudi Arabia or Bahrain? The United Arab Emirates has dominated Middle Eastern politics for over a decade. It became active with the Saudis after a relentless US-led war against terrorism. This new fortune God of the Middle East has led to coups in several countries with the help of the petrodollar and the West.

Just as Egypt's Morsi and Sudan's Omar al-Basir were ousted, the UAE and Saudi Arabia have kept Haftar in Libya, Sisi in Egypt and Assad in Syria to gain the control. Although Assad is in Iran axis, the UAE has been providing aid to Assad because of Turkey's opposition. Despite repeated attempts against Erdogan in Turkey and An Nahdar in Tunisia, the emirate did not succeed. Despite repeated attempts against Erdogan in Turkey and An Nahdar in Tunisia, the Emirates did not fulfil its latent desire. In the Gulf and the Middle East, the UAE is now the mainstay of the West's interests. As Saudi Arabia played the role in the nineties. That is why Israel and the United States have chosen the UAE to reshape the political landscape in the Middle East and North Africa. The UAE's move will only aggravate the plight of the Palestinians and frustrate all efforts for independence. There will be huge changes in political and thinking of the Arab world.

Firstly, the Arabs were repeatedly defeated on the battlefield but were morally strict. Their morale was consolidated. With this strong morale, the groups engaged in intellectual and armed struggle against Israeli colonialism were weakened. In fact, The Saudi prince has asked Mahmoud Abbas to stop shouting and accept Trump's treaty of the century. The Saudi states, particularly the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, have imposed unofficial sanctions on Hamas. They arrested front-line leaders. Just as the Arabs lost military power after the 1962 war, so will the UAE lose its morale after this move. If Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and other countries establish bilateral relations with Israel in the near future, it will come as no surprise.
Secondly, the Arab world will be chosen the word 'Westernization' for them. After World War II, various groups in Arab society became divided over the issue of Westernization. The political movement started from the partition. That movement is traditionally known as 'political Islam'. Despite the many compromises and limitations in the struggle against the capitalist world structure, political Islam developed a popular social and political movement against Westernization.

Political parties opposed to Westernization saw liberation within the democratic rule. But wherever anti-colonialists have come to power, they have been overthrown by military coups, or by inciting civil war. Egypt, Sudan, Algeria or Turkey are some of the examples. On the other hand, the Saudis are seeing their future through westernization. Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed bin Zayed who are the crop of new Arab nationalism formed by the combination of religion and Westernization, do not take Palestine from the emotional point of view as like as their ancestors. Rather, they see the Palestinians as an obstacle to their own progress.

Since its inception, Israel has been playing a deadly role and the victims are unarmed Palestinians. Jerusalem has already been lost. The Saudis have acknowledged the defeat, but other regional politicians have refused. Therefore, the centre of future politics will be Jerusalem as well as Palestine. Because historical conflicts do not go away shortly.
UAE-Israel agreement : Death of Palestinian dream?

The UAE's move will undoubtedly be considered the last nail in the coffin of the Palestinians. The Palestinians will be defeated on the diplomatic and moral ground as well as on the battlefield. The Arabs- the brothers in whose hopes the Palestinians have been fighting against colonialism for years, have now abandoned them and joined with the occupiers. But Karl Marx says differently. Marx says that struggle and change will not be through the bourgeoisie but through the poor working people. Success in the Palestinian struggle will come through the West Bank and through the oppressed people fighting in Gaza or Ramallah, not from Riyadh or Abu Dhabi.

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