" I was born as a black"- Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris has not stopped arguing with Joe Biden since she was nominated as his running mate. In the eyes of some, she is more right-wing, in the eyes of others, she is more liberal. Some say she is too flexible about the police, some say she is not black enough. There is even controversy over her name. What is the pronunciation of her previous name - Komala, Kemala or Kemola?

Let's start with this last debate. Conservative presenter of Fox News Tucker Carlson introduced him as Kemala and asked him to correct the name of Democratic Party adviser Richard Goldstein. In response, Carlson said sarcastically, "Kemala, Camilla, Kamala, no matter how you call it, what does it matter?" Columnist Margaret Sullivan writes in the Washington Post that Tucker Carlson does not want to give her the respect she deserves, for which this type of distortion of her name. The gender discrimination and racism behind this cannot be denied.
" I was born as a black"- Kamala Harris

The Sanskrit word 'Kamal' or lotus flower is the source of this name. In her Tamil family, she is known as Kamala. In his autobiography The Truth We Hold, published in 2019, she wrote that the correct pronunciation of her first name was ‘comma-la’, as in the case of the punctuation ‘comma’. Not only her name but also her origin has been debated. Born in California in 1964, Kamala is a U.S. citizen by birth, but in Trump's campaign, the president has questioned her legitimacy as vice president.

Quoting a conservative lawyer, Trump's campaign said it was a fair question whether Harris's election as vice president was valid because both parents were immigrants. According to the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, all people born in the United States are citizens of this country. This law has been in force since 1890.Under the U.S. Constitution, only U.S. citizens born in the United States have the legitimacy to be president and vice president of the country, a prerequisite Kamala Harris must meet.

Another debate is over how black the Kamala is. Half Jamaican, half Indian Kamala is not black enough for some people. Trump supporters are fueling this debate. As radio host Mark Levin says, Kamala is not African-American at all, she is Indian and Jamaican. Another pro-Trump extremist, Dinesh de Souza, said Kamala's parents were not slaves or of slave descent. As a result, she cannot be called black. However, African-American intellectuals have refuted this argument.
" I was born as a black"- Kamala Harris

A commentator of the New York Times says black is not a race or a tribe. Black people did not identify themselves as black people. It is, in fact, an ideology aimed at proving blacks to be inhumane. Kamala herself said, ‘I am a black, that is the last word. I was born as a black, I will die as a black. Those who are questioning my birth-identity actually want to spread division and hatred. The same thing happened with Barack Obama. '

But no matter how logically Kamala calls herself black, this question will haunt her. She is the daughter of a well-to-do family, her experience is not the experience of most African-Americans. This also applies to Obama. That's why Obama was not very popular among African-Americans before the 2008 election. He had to win the support of black people by proving the similarity of his words and deeds. Kamala Harris has to do the same.

The question is, is the nomination of Kamala a tactic to bring black people into the party, or is it a manifestation of the party's position on the rights of minorities? The question is crucial. Because, much of the strength of this group has come from blacks, especially from African-Americans. No matter what the Democratic Party says on the issue of civil equality, the leadership of this party was not interested in achieving real equality while in power. The law that was enacted in 1998 in the name of reforming the civil welfare system under Bill Clinton did not think of anything but the burden of the state on black people. Much later he admitted to himself, ‘Our goal was poverty alleviation. We have completely failed in that task. 'Democrats' commitment to reforming the police and prison system has also been limited to word of mouth.
" I was born as a black"- Kamala Harris

Another criticism of Kamala is that while she was California's attorney general, she defended police interests rather than being with black people. Because of her tough stance on law and order, Kamala once branded herself a 'top cop' or a number one cop. The California Legislature wanted to hand over the investigation of the murder to the police, but Kamala opposed it. She also opposed the proposal to keep body cameras with the patrolling police.

Kamala knows about this criticism. Perhaps that is why the Black Lives Matter movement that developed across the country after the death of George Floyd, she became its strongest supporter inside and outside Congress. The Biden campaign believes that the nomination of Kamala will generate significant enthusiasm among African-Americans and other minorities. She has been nominated for keeping that number in mind. Preliminary survey has also found evidence of that.

In the first two days after Kamala's name was announced, 48 million was raised. A further 70 million was raised in the four days of the party's election convention, most of it from ordinary voters. This is a matter of deep hope for Democrats. But not Biden or Kamala, the real source of hope for Democrats is Trump himself. Dissatisfaction with him is so intense that a "blue tsunami" awaits Republicans. The Cook, known as a non-partisan political report, commented that the people of the country have become restless, they want 'change'.

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