Beirut explosion: Does peace of Lebanon depend on Israel?

Will the response to the Beirut (Lebanon) bombings bring about a qualitative change in Lebanese politics? Beirut has been blowing since last October. Last January, Prime Minister of Lebanon, Saad Hariri was compelled to resign. But this was not resolved. The people of the country could not trust the new government. That is why the government of Prime Minister Hasan Diab slumped after the blast, confronting strong protests.

Earlier, a letter signed by 50 citizens called for the return of Lebanon to France Colony. The agitated of Lebanon masses are urging a radical change in the political system. But the trouble is that the activists have not been able to create any political leadership contrary to the current Lebanese political establishment. That is why the resignation of Saad Hariri could not unravel the crisis. Hasan Diab's resignation does not seem to be able to settle. Many speculate that the political crisis in Lebanon is rooted in the country's political divisions. But the crisis is also influenced by regional politics. Who will be in power in Lebanon, who will control politics, has to do with Israel's security. Lebanon, like other neighbouring countries, will be in a state of political instability if there is any disturbance in Israel's security. Muslims and Christians control Lebanese politics. Muslims have subdivisions. Anyone can easily notice discrepancies between Muslims led by Shia Hezbollah and Sunni. There are also economic divisions within the Christian community. According to the rules, the president is elected by Christian, the prime minister by Sunni and the speaker of parliament by Shia parties. Government posts and jobs are also divided on the basis of religion. This was an attempt to balance Lebanese politics. Although attempts have been made to strike a balance in the sharing of power, there has never been a balance in the sharing of wealth. That is why 50 percent of Lebanese people are below the poverty line. At distinct times, citizens have come out with allegations of corruption, irregularities and incompetence against the government. This time the protesters are saying, you all have to leave. But who will come when everyone leaves? No sign of new leadership in Lebanese politics is not being shown at the moment.
Beirut explosion: Does peace of Lebanon depend on Israel?

That being said, the country has moved closer to a failed state due to irregularities and mismanagement. The cumulative population of Lebanon is 7 million. They have a debt burden of 10 trillion dollars on their heads now. Existing government has no control over anything of the country. Corruption and mistrust have surpassed such a level that many have said that the foreign aid that came after the Beirut bombings should be given directly to the citizens instead of to the government.

The question is, has the Lebanese government ceased to function, or have they been maimed by regional and global political interests? The United States has imposed long sanctions on Lebanon which occurs stymieing Lebanese trade. Foreign aid is also not given to the government.Moreover, the United States has imposed sanctions on Hezbollah because of its monopoly power in Lebanese politics. The West, including the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia, wants to remove Hezbollah from Lebanese politics. It should be mentioned here, Hezbollah has the most powerful private military force in the world. The organisation is aided by many countries, including Iran and Syria. They are contemplated Iran's shadow or proxy on the Israeli border.

Hezbollah is a major threat to Israel's security. In this situation, a government-backed by Hezbollah will not succeed, which is normal. Everyone acknowledges that the Lebanese government is incompetent and corrupt. Recently resigned Prime Minister Hassan Diab, also admitted that his government was corrupt and unstable. Saad Hariri also warned the corruption that gave birth to political instability would invade the country. But corruption is not gone. There is no guarantee that the new government will be free of corruption.
Beirut explosion: Does peace of Lebanon depend on Israel?

The current parties can also win the next election. Then the situation will not change too much. So will there be a movement with the same demand in the future again? Everyone knows that it is not the first anti-government protest in Lebanon. The world has seen also large protests of 2005 in Lebanon. Everyone set out to demand a fundamental change in politics. It means that the anticipated change has not come. The West needs a government free of 'Hezbollah influence' in Lebanon; As happened in Egypt.There was a remarkable need to topple the anti-Israel, Morsi. A year after the Egyptian revolution, protesters again huddled in Cairo's Tahrir Square, accusing them the government of corruption and irregularities. It has since become clear that the protests were intended for ousting Morsi rather than establishing more democracy. Despite General Sisi ascertain a tougher rule than Morsi, those rights activists or protesters of Tahrir Square were no longer seen on the ground. On the contrary, many of them have disappeared. Some are in jail.
The problem with Lebanon is that their armies are not strong enough to challenge Hezbollah and help the West form an authoritarian government like the one in Egypt. So after a while, the people became vocal against corruption. After the liberation from the French colony, a people's government was rarely formed in Lebanon. The civil war, the conflict with Israel — above all, the governments of Lebanon have never been able to rule the country in their own way.

The formation of a non-aligned or anti-Hezbollah government may curtail corruption in Lebanon. The West does not have any headache with the corruption and human rights situation in Saudi Arabia, Jordan or the United Arab Emirates. So there are no protests in those countries. The bomber struck shortly afternoon in front of a rally in the northern city of Beirut. But neither side is able to say anything for strategic reasons. It must not a general explosion which shook the whole of Beirut. Many houses have been destroyed. But no one wants to worry about who attacked or what resulted in such a big explosion. No one has formally grumbled against anyone. Hezbollah leader Nasrallah has withheld an international investigation into the blast. And Israeli politicians think the explosion is a gift from God to them.
Beirut explosion: Does peace of Lebanon depend on Israel?

Anti-government protests began after the blast. The corruption and mismanagement of the ruling government were blamed for the blast. The explosives had been there for six years. There have been no loud voice about this for so many days. Hezbollah has imported explosives through the port in exchange for supporting the government. The allegations against Hezbollah are not new. In 1987, the CIA said in a report that Lebanese ports were not under the control of the government. Besides that, Hezbollah had used them to import weapons and give them to Palestinian fighters and Syrian rulers. Analysts and experts say that the Lebanese need to start a new day of transformation, But it will not be easy. It is very difficult to discuss Lebanon's new policy without Hezbollah. So the political oscillation will not end soon. Therefore, the legitimacy of the protesters' demands can't be denied.

The Arabs repeatedly set out with their demands. But never realizing that the government like General Sisi only came to power on the basis of their demands. As long as there is no Sisi in Lebanon, the protests will continue intermittently or will be completely under the control of Hezbollah.

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