Will Donald Trump get reelected in 2020?

Forty per cent of voters in the United States have long been considered Trump's vote bank. At the same time, it seemed that the entire Democrat camp would not stand behind Joe Biden. Even in January, it seemed unthinkable to prevent Trump's re-election. But all conditions are shifting. According to the country's journalists, "Trump will not win if there is a vote tomorrow." However, it is also being said that Trump and his advisers will use all "dirty tricks" to halt the rate. As a result, he has a possibility until the day before the election. Even after the election, if the result is against him, he can go to legal battle by rejecting to accept it! Trump also hinted on Twitter on June 22. His form er lawyer, Michelle Cohen, also warned long ago that the next transition in power could take an unusual twist.

Surges for Biden?
According to the New York Times, Biden is far ahead. Such surveys are now being conducted all over the country. On average, Biden is at least nine points ahead from Republican Trump. Biden's latest turnout was 51 per cent. It has increased by at least 5 per cent in the last 30 days. In the case of Richard Nixon (1972) and Ronald Reagan (1974), the poll alone had more than 50 per cent support. Such support for Biden before Corona was unimaginable. But is COVID-19 bringing bad omen for Trump? Somewhat, the answer will be yes. Trump is being put on the list of the rulers who have failed to manage the pandemic.
Will Donald Trump get reelected in 2020?
He has left the country in the number one position in infections and deaths for months. He has shattered the pride of Americans for their country.There are more reasons behind the current surge for Biden. People are looking for alternatives to the cultural extremism of some whites, police brutality against blacks, Trump's incitement to persecute protesters, and especially the state of the economy.

Five months ago, the country's unemployment rate was the lowest in five decades. Wage rates were also rising. Now the situation has changed, but less will be said. Thirty million people lost their jobs due to the attack of COVID-19. Trump's provocative shots on Twitter have not stopped the economy from deteriorating. The ruling party is punished for the recession! Recent polls suggest Trump's support is below 40. But it is also a historical fact that the record of victory is more than the rate of standing in the second election. No one has lost like this in the last 28 years.

It must be acknowledged that re-election is a rare occurrence in this recession. What will come true next November can only be guessed now. Trump will have to rethink a lot when the support base goes from 40 to 35. There are no such symptoms yet. But there are possibilities. Incredibly, the Washington Monthly also published a report on June 29: Trump may not run for a second term! Trump's favorite 'Fox News' has given a similar indication.

According to the latest polls, 56 per cent of respondents said they did not want Trump. In this situation, it has become difficult for the current president to turn around and the anti-apartheid processions and rallies have become difficult. Despite a 30 per cent share of the world's resources, the country has not been able to reduce the number of infections. It never seemed sincere that the president wanted to curtail it. The uncoordinated tragedy of 'Super Power' has taken the world by surprise. A quarter of a million people have already died there. The number of victims is 2.6 million.
Will Donald Trump get reelected in 2020?

The president could not be a refuge for Americans because of their worries about physical health. Growing with unemployment, the economy is getting worse. Annoyance is already all around. Even a small section of white supremacists is against him. Despite the attack of Hurricane Maria in 2016, Trump seemed to have failed as an administrator. That memory is also haunting some areas during the election.

Digging into the history of the three videos, aroused pain 
Apart from the supporters of the two main parties, there is also a group of people in America who are very crucial as voters. As soon as the vote comes, the veteran journalists keep an eye on such unpredictable constituencies. These include Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, etc. Wherever the voters of these states are small, they have a significant role in this game. Recent polls suggest that these people are suffering from a lack of confidence in Trump's rhetoric. It is difficult to predict what the president will say or do. There is even reason to believe that he gave the wrong message. It is difficult to vote for him due to such distrust towards the highest office bearer of the country. All in all, Trump's turnout at election rallies is lower than anticipated. Biden's support among older white voters is growing, that's unquestionably bad news for Trump. They have been supporting him for so long. Three short videos against police torture on May 25 and the movement of blacks since then have moved the society through history. The racist past and present of the country have made the arrogance of white supremacy quite absurd. For the next four months, Trump will have to contend with a kind of philosophical inferiority complex.
Will Donald Trump get reelected in 2020?

But Trump is not a man to give up!
There is at least three good news for Trump now. The first is that there are still four months left until the vote. It's been a long time coming. The Democrat camp is not so enthusiastic about the poll results; Rather, they are afraid. Everyone is mentally prepared for the assorted dirty games of electoral engineering that may Trump will play. Although no one knows the content of the game. Trump is lucky in another place. Republicans are largely united with him. Trump sees the unity and struggle of blacks as an inevitability of holding him in the white fortress. More hopefully, there are still many voters who are in indecision. They have time to pull. And there is an opportunity to take advantage of any mistakes made by Biden. Biden's age could also be a campaign issue for Trump. There is no record of anyone being president of America in 78 years yet. Of course, Trump has not played that card yet. For now, Trump is portraying Biden as a "candidate for looters." The hint is clear. Biden is being held accountable for protesting the assassination of 48-year-old George Floyd. This may increase the sympathy of whites towards Trump. But Trump has sold a lot of this ‘racism’ as an election product. He now has to bring new products to the market. It could be an administrative complication with the various methods of voting in Corona, news like a firework display to poison the minds of voters towards Democrats, or a pseudo-conflict with a foreign power. China, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea- any of the missiles 'targets' can boost nationalist voters. But in the coming months, if there is a windfall in the economy, it could be a real opportunity for Trump to recover. Will COVID-19 give that opportunity?
Will Donald Trump get reelected in 2020?

The 'wait' around the world began
It is true all over the world, that the results of polls and votes are not always the same. In the United States in 2016, Hillary was in a good position in all the surveys. She was also advanced in 3.8 points before the election. The same thing happened in 1992, in 1980. In 1978, George W. Bush became the 41st president of the country, just from 17 points behind. Bigger than that, no poll can be the last word in the election, so Trump is still on track. Even then the speculation has already started, what will be the reaction of the world without Trump?

In international politics, the two main US rivals, China and Russia, have openly reacted to the Trump administration. Putin likes Trump. Democrats are seeking revenge for Russia's influence in Hillary's election. Putin will do everything to stop them, that's for sure. Many voters are worried about this. Concerns have also been raised about China's influence. In hindsight, it seems, China wants the Trump administration to leave. They are feeling quite cornered in the trade war under Trump. When Biden arrives, there may be a new opportunity for them to talk. But in the meantime, the news is that Trump is expecting some steps from Xi Jinping that will go in his favour in the election. This allegation was made by his one-time influential adviser John Bolton himself. If something like this happens, the election will turn into complex chemistry.
Will Donald Trump get reelected in 2020?

Like China and Russia, the US election is getting a lot of attention in Europe this time as well. The whole region is unhappy with Trump. He brought the old intercontinental alliance to the bottom. In recent years, Washington and the EU have been unable to agree on anything, including trade, defence, climate change or bargaining with Iran. The differences are becoming very basic and ideological.

All in all, it seems that only Putin and Netanyahu can vote for Trump outside the United States. There have also been wild speculations in the international media that Putin could help Trump in the November election by launching new aggression anywhere in the world. But these may not be the last defence of Trump. Life and livelihoods are likely to influence the decision of US voters this time around. Trump has not been able to lead his country properly in these two issues. In this way, 'world leadership' is becoming elusive for the country, increasingly. China and Putin have used this void of global leadership to their advantage. It is unbearable for many in America. Under Trump, China has struggled commercially but has managed to position itself well in the absence of global leadership. For the past four years, US diplomats have been vocal about their self-proclaimed liberal democratic image in other countries. The re-election of the same administration for another four years will sound like a nail in the coffin.

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