Why did 'George Floyd Protest' become national outburst?

It is not hard to understand the reason for the protests that have been going on across the country for a week after the killing of George Floyd by the torture of police in Minneapolis of US. But the questions that arise from the events of the last few days are, what is the reason for this protest to spread so rapidly across the nation? Why has the conflict started in the last few days?

The immediate cause of this protest is the death of George Floyd. George Floyd, a black citizen, died of police torture on Monday, May 25. After arresting and handcuffing him, Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, publicly knelt down in front of everyone on the street in such a way that Floyd could not breathe for 8 minutes and 58 seconds. Three more policemen helped Chauvin. Floyd repeatedly said, "I can't breathe."
Why did 'George Floyd Protest' become national outburst?

The protests in Minneapolis, which began in the wake of the deaths, have spread throughout the United States over the past week, not just outside the country. Protests have erupted in the past few days, clashes have escalated, protesters have become increasingly aggressive, protesters have been attacked in various cities, police outposts in Minneapolis have been set on fire, and shops have been looted in many cities.

The video of Floyd's murder is reminiscent of Eric Garner's similarly suffocating death by police in New York City on July 16, 2014. The tragic death of Floyd, a policeman who has no choice but to kill, has sent thousands of people across the country. It’s immediate because, but it has a background.
Why did 'George Floyd Protest' become national outburst?

Reasons behind this outburst
There are three backgrounds to the ongoing protests: first, police torture and killings, especially the murder of blacks by police. In 2019, research by Frank Edwards, a professor of sociology at Rutgers University, showed that a black man was about two and a half times more likely to die than a white man when confronted by the police. It is not only blacks who are angry against such killings. Anger over this has grown more than ever before in various sections of society; Because now there is a video available along with the police commentary on these so that it can be seen that it is inconsistent with the police commentary. Others are also victims of such killings.

Why did 'George Floyd Protest' become national outburst?
Michael Brown (killed in 2014)

The second reason is the judiciary. The entire judiciary and legal regulations do not guarantee justice for minorities, the poor and especially blacks. A large part of the detainees is black. The rate of blacks has decreased since 2006. But it is still huge in proportion to the population, the difference is huge. In addition, the judicial process and laws are designed in such a way that if convicted, the verdict goes in favour of the police and even after a public incident, members of the police do not suffer any punishment.

The third is the inequality in society, the main victims of which are blacks. This inequality of society was not created in a day, more precisely the history of the last two and a half hundred years. But over the last few decades, it has deteriorated further, and little has changed in reality. The coronavirus infection and mortality rate has once again shown that. In addition, blacks have been the hardest hit by the major economic crisis caused by the coronavirus.

Eric Garner (Killed in 2014)

In addition to this, for black and progressive people, what is most painful and draws our attention to one of the deepest wounds of American society is the tendency to deny racism in society and politics. From US politicians to a large section of society, there is a reluctance to discuss racism in society and structurally in law and order. Their attitude is that if we don't talk about this, racism will go away.

Rise of supremacists
Whites in society willingly or unwillingly enjoy the benefits of being white, which is called white privilege. But most people have the idea that they deserve it. It is because of this denial that white supremacist thought has survived in society and has now risen to prominence. This has created a big danger for everyone in society.

The movement against racism or police repression is not new in the United States. Protests and clashes erupted in several cities after the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, Eric Garner in New York, and Freddie Gray in Baltimore in 2015. But the kind of protests that have been going on for a week now and the way the conflict has spread has not been seen since the 1980s.

Why did 'George Floyd Protest' become national outburst?
Freddie Gray (killed in 2015)

The first reason for the Minneapolis incident to take a national form is the slowness in taking action against the accused police officer. The second reason is that a black nurse was killed during a police raid on her home in Louisville, Kentucky, in March, before Floyd's death, and authorities have been accepting police comments until May. These recent incidents have brought to the fore the issue of police torture and reluctance to take action. Third, over the years, especially since President Trump came to power, there has been a massive spread of white supremacist groups in the country. In mid-May, such groups staged armed protests in several states demanding the lifting of the lockdown. But the police did not take any action against them. President Trump tweeted on their behalf, putting pressure on governors. These have increased the level of protest among ordinary citizens.

Although the protests started peacefully, they have now turned into clashes. But the protesters are not the only ones responsible for this situation. Spontaneous demonstrations involve individuals and groups creating conflict. In this case, there was no exception also. But the role of the police and the National Guard and their deadly position did not help bring the situation under control.

It is now being seen in various places that members of the white supremacist organization are taking part in the protests and pushing the situation towards conflict; Taking part in the looting. They want division and chaos. President Trump has played a major role in pushing the situation towards conflict. Instead of calling for restraint, he tweeted racist language in the 1960s, describing the protesters as "thugs." Spreading this poison of division, President Trump thinks he will benefit politically. Whether it will happen or not is a matter of the future. But now the result is that fires are spreading in the cities of the United States; Literally and symbolically — in both senses.

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