What will happen to the world after the coronavirus outbreak?

Coronavirus, a pandemic that dissipates throughout the world, has shifted the way people think about their everyday lives. The hundred years old faults have been uncovered in the system and structure of the world. 

People all over the planet stance in front of a new realization. That is why there is no doubt that the post-pandemic world will be unique in many regards from now on.

However, the disaster will certainly change the social setting whether it is good or bad. Recently, the US magazine Politico picked up about 30 scholars to convey their viewpoint in the wake of the global coronavirus outbreak. An overview of their opinions is illustrated for the readers -

1. At present, doctors, nurses, and population in the health sector are doing the riskiest thing to save lives without raising any firearms, which can change the definition of patriotism. Patriotism will be generalized soon.

2. Avoid handshaking or hugging, it can come to be customary, which will have a huge influence on society and culture. The engagement between people will worsen as communication through online is increasing.

3. Instead of depriving people of specialized knowledge, the current world order will establish a system where public enthusiasm in specialized knowledge will grow.

4. The problem of autocratic and extreme oppressive states is now substantial; The interference of the government in the private life of the citizen will increase

5. Political and cultural polarization will decline.
What will happen to the world after the coronavirus outbreak?

6. People will recognize the significance of unity and solidarity rather of splitting into the party and idealistic divisions at national and global levels as they are combatting the 'common enemy' like the new coronavirus.

7. During this time of quarantine, will challenge both the rituals and worship of religion.

8.  Our love and relationship with the market-culture and over individualism could be diminished by the coronavirus outbreak.

9. As the drawbacks in the surviving healthcare system become obvious, a global reform activity can be born, which can even turn into the form of a movement of ousting the government in different countries.

10. The realization that the validity of people all over the world is unified, regardless of the rich and the poor, will help people to realize the power of unity.

11. With the popularity of meditation, the social status of those who seek the welfare of everyone regardless of caste-colour will also enhance.

12. The pressure on authority will increase to develop a system of online based on numerous issues related to education and health.

13. Awareness of a decent digital lifestyle will increase among people.

14. The pressure will be on the government to ascertain effective safeguards for citizens, regardless of class.

15. Pressure will be placed on administrations to play a more explicit and effective role in the development and production of healthcare and medicine instead of hypocritical drug policies.

16. Public confidence in the science will increase and the experts will be more proficient in matters such as public health and epidemics.

17. The practice of sitting at home to manage work which is being created at this time, there will be pressure on the organizations to keep it unscathed.

18. Virtual legislation may proceed to be implemented, which will be effective in deterring a culture of recommendation.

19. After the termination of the present crisis, a substantial and wiser government will be required.

20. This era of climate change and historical inequality will confront the challenge of transforming into the era of  economic inclusion.

21. As many existing laws and policies prove to be futile, the demand for universal change will be reinforced on the basis of the new social contract.

22. The state will realize the significance of trusting people without concealing or distorting information.

23. Electronic voting will come in the mainstream.

24. Voting by letter may evolve an option to curtail risk.

25. By the verge of the pandemic, people will be enticed to various open public places, including parks, instead of the shopping centre.

26. The nightmare of the global pandemic will compel society to accept the exit from the practice of consumption.

27. Both consumer and corporate spending will increase

28. As an outcome of mass isolation, there will be a high desire for intercourse in humans and elevated birth rates, even in small numbers.

29.. Internal production and supply system will be consolidated.

30.Not only multilateral diplomacy, but global leaders will also understand the importance of cooperation with enemy-allies in tackling global problems.

31. The protocols that have taught people good manners for a long time will be proved as obsolete, so people will once again learn to trust their creativity and imagination.

32. Not only the gap between the higher and lower classes increase but also the discrepancy between the middle classes will heighten.

33. The reduction of propensity to eat outdoors and partying will increase the tendency to cook at home.

34. The theory of 'change' which is stuck in the conservative and liberal contexts will undergo a radical change.

35. "Work, work and work" - which is comprehended as the key to success, by turning away from this propaganda people will be more focused on themselves and their families.

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