Revenge of the mother earth or positive effect of corona?

Now the electronics or paper media wherever you keep your eyes, you will only notice one topic and that is coronavirus outbreak.

 Till now the confirmed cases of corona positive is 1174855, confirmed deaths 64471 across the 208 countries (WHO,6 April 2020,14:45 GMT+6).

Before that, we confronted many pandemic and natural catastrophes and we could able to get rid of those disasters and hazards, but this time the COVID-19 has gone beyond all limits. 

We have become very helpless today by claiming to be the world's most intelligent animal.
Revenge of the mother earth or positive effect of corona?

Even though almost everything is under our control in the dignity of science and technology, we are not getting along today with an unknown organism. 

About three-fourths of the earth occupies our territory, but suddenly we are helpless today. 

The renowned scientists of the world have become sleepless due to an invisible organism named as coronavirus.

Today, hundreds of millions of people on the planet earth are virtually in captivity. Big cities are filled with deceased people. Nobody is out of this crisis. 

Not only the bodies of our dear ones are untouchable today, but we are also opposed to the burial in the social graveyard.

Our limitless greed and vengeance

of the earth :

Visualize, if you could have been inside of that coffin. Mutual faith, harmony and culture which have grown along the path of human civilization, are turning into dust at the moment. 

Coronavirus has already uprooted our values, such as morality, sociality and love. Why is this pandemic going on, is the world in a deep state today? 

Today, the condition is such as that, almost two worlds are needed to meet the demand for our wealth to lead a luxurious life. 

Skyscrapers, the fastest routes, shining cities, ports are the key to our development. In the first three months of this year, we have dumped 520 million tonnes of common waste, 100 million tonnes of hazardous waste, and about one million tonnes of electronic waste into the earth.

 We are using about one and a half million polyethene bags per second. As a result, the green-fresh world is constantly turning into a dead warehouse. 

Today, our football grounds, trains, parks etc. are being turned into hospitals to combat COVID-19.

In fact, about fifteen million square kilometres of the earth is covered by primary forest, but most of it is already destroyed. 

The remaining 35  percent of the world's forests are on the verge of extinction. The mountains, the hill tracks, the forests, the rivers and the sea - nothing has been left out of our consumption. In the last three months of this year, we have cut the

equivalent of 1350 million cubic feet of wood. As a result, over 7 million hectares of forest land was destroyed. 

Every minute the woodland equivalent to 27 football grounds in the forest. The number of wild animals on the planet has dropped by half in the last 50 years. 

One species is extinct from the earth every five minutes. The world today is much degraded, forest animals are abandoned. 

About 10,000 years ago, about 1 percent of the total weight of vertebrates on earth was human, while the remaining 99 percent were wild animals. 

32 percent is captured in the 20th century by the human, while only 1 percent is wild. The remaining 67  percent are cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, poultry etc. 

We have turned them into livestock today from the wild conditions in our diet. However, today we do not feel satisfied by eating this livestock. 

We are eager to eat all the animals of the world, including rats, bats, snakes, frogs, tigers, deer, crocodiles etc. We have no choice but to remove our disease with them. 

To meet our uncontrollable needs, we are hunting a pangolin in every 5 minutes, an elephant in every 30 minutes and a rhinoceros in every 8 hours. 

In the last 19 years, about 0.9 million pangolins have become our prey. Our kitchen and herbs have become the destination of these innocent creatures.

Today, we are dealing with the battle against Corona. The data so far indicate that the coronavirus originated from a wild animal meat market in Wuhan, China.

 It was first transmitted from the pangolin to the fitch and then into the human. The virus becomes dangerous in this transfer process.

The Ebola virus was transmitted from the monkey to human bodies on the banks of the Ebola River in the Congo. Later, it appeared in the form of a pandemic.

 In the year 1950, SIV from chimpanzees was transformed into HIV by humans. At the time hunting chimpanzees in the Congo, it came into the human body. 

Later it spread to Haiti and the Caribbean. It reached New York around 1970. HIV is rampant around the world today.

Wild animals assist as the source of multiple viruses, primarily carriers. These viruses become harmful when disseminated from the carrier to another organism. 

Bats are the vector of about two hundred types of viruses. Among them are SARS, MERS. Do we have no need for other wild animals, including viruses, bats? 

It is better to destroy such harmful wild animals? In COVID-19's view, such a question is not incompatible. Studies reveal that bats pollinate about 500 species of plants in nature including a banana on our daily breakfast table also. 

Again bats consume insects every night proportional to their body weight. Mosquitoes, the carrier of zika, dengue, malaria virus are the favourite food of the bats.

 In many cultures around the world, vultures are treated as a sign of bad omen. Due to the diclofenac, using in the treatment of cattle, the benefit of the raccoon came to the notice when the number of vultures reduced to 99% in the subcontinent.  

The stomach of vulture is rich in acute decaying acids. As a result, vultures are capable of destroying germs of diseases such as jaundice, anthrax, cholera, brucella, tuberculosis etc. But a spore of anthrax can survive hundreds of years on the ground.

Like multiple past epidemics, we may be exempt from Covid-19. However, it is tough to say for sure whether we will comprehend. 

Finding new ways of improvement for prudent people can be a topic of analysis. A new virus may be revealed again. The world will confront another epidemic. 

As a result, it is crucial to look for ways to curb infection. Human diseases can be remedied by making advanced hospitals and modern device, and the earth will not cure disease. 

In the future, we need to be careful in treating the depressed and crippled earth to get rid of another pandemic.

The positive effect of corona & rejuvenation of environment:

Environmentalists are trying to secure an eco-friendly world for many decades through movements, conferences, environmental activities etc.

 but almost their all efforts have ended in the smoke. Meanwhile, the earth has taken stern measures to rejuvenate herself from pollution and contamination. 

Due to unanticipated outbreak of COVID-19, the factories have already shut down, the streets have vacated, vehicles and people are totally missing, the flights have been grounded across the world. 

These unforeseen events not only changed our normal lives but also made a huge impact on the global atmosphere. Recent research shows that the air quality of the environment is enhancing in recent days.

 In China, satellite images from NASA and the European Space Agency have revealed a significant drop in NO2 gas pollution from December to March (France 24).

 In New York scientists at Columbia University reported, CO2 emission plummets to 5-10% this week, as traffic level fell down to 35%. The CO emissions have also dropped to 50% in some regions. 

Revenge of the mother earth or positive effect of corona?
Reduction of  NO2
(Source- Sciencealert)

China's crucial coal-fired power stations cut down their consumption to 36% between February and March in this year (CREA analysis of WIND data). 

People have been locked down due to the pandemic at their places and the roads and out places are empty. After many years, the marine animals have come back to the shore without any fear. 

In many places to stop the transmission of the virus, the coffee shops and food restaurants start to use biodegradable single-use materials. In a nutshell, our environment is rebuilding itself in this lockdown. 

This temporary change will as long as the virus last. It seems like the mother earth is bringing us to the book as a punishment of making her filthy.

 Maybe It's the third world war between human and nature. And we have already lost the game.  The whole planet is praying for getting back their normal life as soon as possible.

 Won't the earth also be trying to keep its normal condition? It is high time paid heed to the screams of earth. If not that the earth may take revenge in her own way like corona outbreak. 

She will come back with newer weapons to engulf its destroyers! Let's continue the count down!

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