Know the truth, stay safe from human coronavirus

Let's say you have a sore throat with slightly dry cough. The body is somewhat hot. Other times, you must have called it a season-changing problem. But at this time of infection with the human coronavirus, many are also terrified of these problems. Researchers say that excessive stress and anxiety weaken the body's immune system, leading to a breakdown of confidence. So the more you know the truth, the more alert you will be, and the better you can cope.

Is the human coronavirus inevitable, will it lead to death?

The news of hundreds of deaths every day is reasonable to intimidate us. But remember, 16 to 80 percent of Covid-19 victims around the world are recuperating after having mild or minor symptoms. Between 4 and 6 percent of the human condition can be complicated and require intensive care. So you have to try your best to be good. Isolate yourself from everyone else, if you feel unwell. Nutritious balanced foods should be added to your diet.

Continue communicating with family and friends online or over the phone. Read books or listen to music to ameliorate apprehension. Follow the doctor's guidance strictly. And maintain track of your symptoms regularly.
Know the truth, stay safe from human coronavirus

Are there any drugs that are beneficial?

The novel coronavirus is a unique virus. So far, it has no influential medications or vaccines. However, researchers are striving to find vaccines and applicable drugs. So don't forget about numerous types of clever publicity or social media staffs. It is crucial to know that without any long-term and credible clinical trials or study, it is impossible to identify whether a drug is effective or not.

And if something is found, doctors will surely apply it to you in time. So there is nothing to concern about beforehand. Rather, focus on keeping yourself and your family safe, be careful.

I'm younger, what's the worry?

Young generation around the world is not contemplating the new Coronavirus pandemic that way, often ignoring the restrictions of public distance. Because they believe, it is a hazardous disease for the seniors. It is significant to remember, not only the age of 60 but also that the human coronavirus infection can become deadly for anyone because of any underlying disease or complexity in the immune system. In addition, you can be in danger for loved ones if you suffer from Covid-19.

Is my cough for Covid-19?

World Health Organization says dry cough, fever, fatigue and shortness of breath are the main symptoms of Covid-19. Some may have a sore throat, runny nose, diarrhoea. If these symptoms occur, do not panic and talk to your doctor first. He will ask you to test if needed. If the test is ensured or not, keep yourself separate from others. Adhere to hygiene.

What would be the problem if I go out wearing a mask?

Many do not want to stay home. They may think that wearing the mask, I would go out with some preventive measures, mix with friends, go for a walk. Keep it in your mind, the mask cannot give you full protection. The virus is more likely to stick to an object or floor than to glide in the air. Going out means you're putting yourself and your family in threat. Your slightest misstep can lead to disaster. To conserve social distance, don't go out without much need.

I feel restless

Various news and information from different sources can make you unstable, scared and worried. So spend time with your family, not paying attention to too much news. Do something good. Try getting news from a trusted source once or twice a day.

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