Corona outbreak: Why Vietnam and Germany are in a better position?

Zero mortality in Vietnam
According to data delivered by the World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins University on Tuesday, April 10, no person has died in the coronavirus in Vietnam so far. It is startling how Vietnam, which has prevented corona infections and kept the deaths of infected patients at zero, when the neighbouring countries of Asia, including China, are worried about the outbreak.
According to the media, the coronavirus prevention program that Vietnam has been practising for a long time rather than investing in the health sector and treating the disease has served as a major shield. And while Coronavirus or 'Covid-19' has not spread around the world, Vietnam has already locked down the entire country. This makes it susceptible to control of the virus.
According to the latest data from the World Health Organization (WHO) (Tuesday, April 10), the number of coronavirus patients in Vietnam is 255. All respective organizations say no one has died in the Coronavirus in Vietnam so far. Already, 144 has recovered from the virus in the country.
A 66-year-old Vietnamese first returned from China to Vietnam was. The Vietnamese administration officially announced the diagnosis of coronavirus first on 23 January. From that day to February 11, the number of patients with 'Covid-19' has increased to 14. Except for two Chinese nationals, all are Vietnamese.
The government halted all schools, colleges, universities to prevent the spread of infection. In addition, the awareness of coronavirus was widely publicized among the common people. How the virus spread, what it did to stay healthy, was the key message of publicity. In addition to this, the health department of the country has searched and examined the suspect.
However, one of the most influential women (business person) in the country was developed a chaotic situation on March 2. The woman, who had travelled to three countries in Europe, had evaded the test of Hanoi Airport's staff and entered into Vietnam. She was detained by the Vietnamese police even after she was fled from the airport tests. Then it was revealed that she was suffering from corona infection.
The Vietnamese government then took an exemplary step. All the passengers of the plane (carrying the woman) were kept in quarantine. The road she went through was disinfected, and everyone living along that road was tested. But even after doing so, the number of victims could not be restrained in 17 - it increased to 20 people.
Vietnam's health department thinks that if the women returning from Europe did not pass the airport health check-up, the number of victims would not increase. Though they kept everything in the trial, the spread of the virus couldn't be managed.
However, what Vietnam has done to combat coronavirus so far, compared to China, South Korea, Japan, is exemplary for the whole world.
Due to the corona outbreak, the tourism-based country will lose $ 5.9 billion to $ 7 billion in the next three months. Yet the world is astonished by their management of corona infection. Not only that, but the country is also developing a low-cost Corona detection kit.

The success of Germany in controlling corona outbreak

More than one hundred thousand people have been infected with coronavirus in Germany so far. The United States, Italy and Spain have been the most affected so far and after them, Germany is on the list. Although Germany is upwards in terms of the number of people affected, the country is far behind in the death toll. The death toll in the country has exceeded two thousand only. That is, the mortality rate is only 2.2 percent. There is curiosity all over the world about why mortality is so low in Germany. To find the answer, one must look at not one, multiple factors.
The first infection of the coronavirus was seen in Germany in mid-February. But in January, the government decided to conduct a massive test to detect the coronavirus. The hospital's laboratory is responsible for developing a test procedure in Berlin. The corona test was finalized by the end of January.
Detailed information about the test was disclosed online. As a result, laboratories in different regions of Germany use the same technology to try to obtain the chemicals and instruments needed to detect the virus. However, most of the developed countries still lack the necessary tools for this test. In the UK, there are currently 56 thousand tests were being performed every week whereas, in Germany, the number is about half a million.
Corona outbreak: Why Vietnam and Germany are in a better position?

Testing began in Germany in mid-February. From home to home, the authority was searching the people who were on vacation in Italy, France or Switzerland. The purpose was to quickly separate the affected people from the others. Those whose conditions were worse are taken to the hospital quickly.
The per capita allocation to the health sector in Germany is much higher than in the United Kingdom, Italy or France. The advice or diagnosis test from a specialist doctor can, therefore, be done quickly without any hassle.

The number of beds assigned to emergency treatment in a German hospital is 40,000. The number of ventilators is also sufficient. So in Germany, the diagnosis starts fast. At the same time, treatment is taken before anyone becomes seriously ill. These steps were taken from the beginning of the transition of coronavirus to Germany. On the contrary, other countries in Europe or the United States, the victims are being examined at the hospital; when they are critically ill. Then the treatment is given. The German government is successful in countering the outbreak. From the outset, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a firm decision without wasting any time. It is said that the German government followed the path of South Korea and started the process of disease detection very quickly. It's been rewarding.

Merkel's acceptance is now the highest in recent times. She has already received praise for his ability to make quick and effective decisions. She helped countries in Europe overcome the recession. Despite the hostility, Merkel has given shelter to Syrian refugees in Germany. Angela Merkel's decision to fight coronavirus is so effective that no question has been raised from any palace within the country. As a result, she was successful in ascertaining national unity in the fight against the outbreak. Before coming to politics, Merkel was a professional scientist. She is a PhD in Chemistry. Therefore, most of the people of the country were convinced that she would make the right decision by analyzing the data.
During the crisis, people have given regular instruction through television. She went to the store and marketed, bought the magazine just like every day. In this global crisis, Merkel's calm, natural yet confident decision is still defending Germany.

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