Record as the first country! Corona outbreak rises to 100,000 in the US

It was like coming forward from the back and make a record. But the record is not of pride, a record of grief, a record of hardship. Which the United States has done. America is the first country among the countries having a significant number of corona infected patient in the world at this moment. Already, the number of people affected by the epidemic has exceeded  hundred thousand.
Corona outbreak rises to 100,000 in the US

In the beginning, America was not on the list
On February 15, the first Coronavirus was detected, in the United States. In those days it has exceeded several thousand in China. By the last day of February 29, the number of Americans were infected by coronavirus in the United States was only 68. However, it started to increase after the beginning of the month of March, and since the 15th of March, it has reached its final pace.

Increase of  after ten dates
As of March 10, the number of people infected in the US was 994. And within a few days, it reached a thousand hundred figure. More precisely, the number of victims on March 21 was below 25,000. In the last six days, it has increased by 75000 and has crossed the limit of a thousand hundred.

New York suffers a lot
 About 44 Thousand of people in New York are infected among the total number of worst affected in the US. This is where the virus spread rapidly. There are also provinces like New Jersey, California, Michigan, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Georgia which are also infected.
The death toll is higher in Washington
It is worth mentioning that New York is the most affected. And the highest number of people died in Washington which is around 519. However, the rate of the death toll in Washington is pretty much higher. The same situation is in Louisiana also. Though the number of affected people is lower, many people have died.

The death toll is increasing  promptly
At present, the number of victims in the United States is higher than at any time. Already the number of1543  people have died. Two thousand and four hundred sixty-five people have recovered. However, the number of deaths and the procession of those in the country will surely increase. Because in the last 24 hours, about 5,000 people have been infected with the virus in the country.

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