US President Trump contributed his paychecks to Corona Virus efforts

President Trump submitted his last three months salary to the health office of the country. That money will be spent on combating coronavirus. Trump's press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, said President Trump paid $ 3 million in three months' salary to combat coronavirus.It should be noted that last week, Trump sought $ 20 million from the US Congress to fight coronavirus.

Congress is thinking of this.In the United States, the US administration is ready to deal with the deadly disease, as the issue became an acid test for the US government. President Donald Trump himself came forward.
It is worth mentioning that the coronavirus has spread to 139 countries in the world so far. About 7,713 people died. The number of victims is 1,82,716. The United States is not excluded. So far there have been ninety three deaths till to the day.

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