Leo Messi has donated to fight against Corona

The rich have come forward to help the world to fight against the Corona pandemic. Argentine star and Barca forward Lionel Messi has also joined the list too. Messi has donated 1 million euros to a hospital in Barcelona for mass people. Media reports said that in addition to the treatment of corona infected patients in the hospital, research is also going on, to find out the virus.
Leo Messi has donated to fight against Corona
Hospital authorities confirmed the news of Messi's assistance on the official Twitter page. Spanish mass media 'Mundo Deportivo' reports the aid. The hospital clinic writes on Twitter, "Messi has helped the clinic to fight the Covid-19 virus. Thank you for your help and for keeping your commitment. ”The media reported that Barca Forward also donated to an Argentinian medical centre. The hospital statement said, "We need everyone's help. Heartiest gratitude to you (Messi) from all the hospital staffs. ”The number of coronaviruses in Spain is increasing day by day. The number of people infected with the virus is about 5 thousand. The death toll is around 3,000.
Barca went to Napoli to play in the Champions League match. Messi's team-mate Ivan Rakitić found out the situation was not good enough. "I'm not surprised," he told Barca TV. People in Naples were talking about this (Corona). I told the team doctor that the situation could get worse. Now it's safe to stay home. It's nice to walk outside. But now it is crucial to stay home.

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