How to keep your smartphone safe from coronavirus?

Starting from Wuhan, China. The Corona virus is widely spread in several countries around the world. Life science says the virus will stay dormant within the human body for seven days. The corona virus is connected to the ground and to not the air. For this, doctors advise to wash hands several times in a day. However, although the virus is cleared from your hand, the corona's apprehension is going to be on your smartphone. Studies say, the corona virus can live for 9 days on plastic, iron, glass.
And so a way to keep a smartphone free from coronavirus is currently a big question.
How to keep your smartphone safe from coronavirus?

In this regard, iPhone maker Apple has already said that their smartphone will have to be cleansed using 5 percent alcohol. Apple also forbade use of bleaching powder. Apple, one of the most popular smartphone maker in the world,  suggested to clean the phone without drowning in anything.

Meanwhile, another popular smartphone maker, Samsung, has again suggestedd not to use alcohol to clean the phone. They advised to use a special device called UV-C Lite for the destruction of germs. Samsung has said that the phone will not be cleaned with a harsh chemical.

 Samsung has announced the launch of phone cleaning services in different countries of the world. Samsung has already stated that the operation is going on in eight countries around the world.The company said that it would expand further in different countries of the world in the days ahead.

Meanwhile, many experts have advised using headphones to keep the Corona virus free. They emphasised on not to put a smartphone in a public place nearby and to keep it somewhere.

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