Corona Crisis: How to identify that your child is corona infected?

Due to acute infectious disease, Coronavirus attack, schools have closed around the world.
Safety of the children has become major concern for the parents.Britain has said its schools will remain closed until further notice.The decision was made to keep children safe from the risk of corona infection.
Infection among children in China is low, but in Europe, children are infected.Are the symptoms of corona in children, similar to those of adults?
Many worry about what will be the differences.
Corona Crisis: How to identify that your child is corona infected?
According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the symptoms of coronavirus in children are similar to the symptoms seen in adults.
Children with the virus are still showing mild symptoms in most cases.However, the CDC website also says that they do not know the full extent of the disease yet.The website states, "Mild symptoms are usually seen in children with confirmed Covid-19 virus.These include cold symptoms like fever, colds, dry cough etc.Some children suffered from diarrhea and vomiting due to corona infection .It is not yet known whether some children may be at high risk for serious illness.
Therefore, special care must be taken for the safety of the children and to prevent them from being infected in any way. It is not yet known exactly what changes are occurring in children with coronavirus infection completely.

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