Do you think young people are really safe from corona infection? 'Here Fiona's story'

Many think younger people are stable from coronavirus. The generation known as the 'Millennial', who are aged 18 to 29 years, is not giving too much importance to the coronavirus. This is their big mistake. Coronavirus can pose a serious threat to Millennials.
Do you think young people are really safe from corona infection? 'Here Fiona's story'
In the opening section of the New York Times, Fiona Lowenstein describes the hardships she suffered from coronavirus. She is the author, producer and founder of the Feminist Wellness Organization, Body Politics.
Fiona writes, 'I'm 25. I've never had difficulty with breathing before. I exercise six days a week and stay away from cigarettes. I thought, in the current health disaster, I can play a role for the seniors. Thus, I became infected and had to go to the hospital as an infected person in Covid-19. '
Describing the condition of his coronavirus, Fiona writes, "After realizing the symptoms of March, I decided to turn away myself from others to keep them safe. That day my headaches and fever started. I tried not to take bad thoughts. However, as a part of the alert, my partner and I agreed to sleep in a separate bedroom. The next morning the cough began. The fever went away again on Sunday and it started to feel good. Looks like I didn't have a coronavirus infection. I had probably heard that at home I would be able to run errands. Because I knew people like me didn't have to concern too much. I started thinking about planning and bathing the next day. At midnight that day, my tremor started to develop again with fever, vomiting and shortness of breath. Monday was no longer a talking point. With a few words to say, I started to feel a huge scarcity of oxygen. The circumstance was such that I couldn't even go to the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom it seemed like I was running for a few miles. Even though I had lunch on Monday evening, it looked like I could not eat due to lack of oxygen. Despite contact with the doctor, I was puffed up due to lack of oxygen. For many reasons, I did not want to go to the hospital.
When I called for a coronavirus test earlier, they said that due to corona infection, I must stay at home. I received this kind of advice elsewhere. If I had a coronavirus infection, I didn't want to spread it. Again I was afraid, if I did not do it, I might get attacked. But even in those difficult times, it seemed that as I was younger and healthier, nothing would happen to me. Fiona writes, 'I had to go to the hospital because the symptoms of the coronavirus infection went away. None of the doctors or nurses was shocked to see me. I learned that another 30-year-old patient was admitted to the adjoining room. She was in also good health. But she also has breathing problems now. Doctors said many more people like me are having this kind of problem. It was only when I was given an oxygen tube that I felt some relief. I am lucky to have the place and care at the hospital at the outset of the problem. Fiona advises Millennials, 'If you are young, you must give importance to the coronavirus. The virus can have a huge consequence on young people in this epidemic. Since many have assumed that symptoms are not comprehended in the case of Millennials, the significance of maintaining our social distance is important to the health of at-risk populations.
But if one does not want to take social obligation, he should stay at home even if he wants to protect himself. Millennials are reluctant to this disease, it's just crazy, which I can say from my experience. There are reports of youth infections in Europe and Asia. The New York Times reported this week that 40 percent of people hospitalized for coronavirus infection in the United States are under the age of fifty-four.
Fiona says, "We are often in congested apartments with a partner, which suggests we've less ability to curtail risk and that we need to depend upon one another and believe ." We are more likely to be with our parents than other eras, thus putting the danger of circulating the virus among special ones. There are many sorts of stuff in our society that we got inherently, that we cannot manage. But let's go and check out to form an impression wherever we will. '

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