Coronavirus : Don't believe in myths & know the real facts

Since the outbreak of coronavirus 2019 (COVID), plenty of misleading information is buzzing around us. Most of them are totally false, in a very word we will call them myths. It's important to grasp the difference between right and wrong information to shield you and your near ones from coronavirus. A wise move at the correct time can save the life of your loving one.

Here are some myths and also the real facts.

Myth-1. Coronavirus will depart in summer.

False. Weather doesn’t matter on this regard. Because, after we face summer, winter will arrive on Southern Hemispheres. The virus is global. Besides, previous pandemics didn’t follow the weather pattern in the least.

Myth-2. If you'll be able to hold your breath for ten seconds without discomfort, you do not have COVID.

False. Most young patients with coronavirus are ready to hold their breathe for much longer than 10 seconds whereas many elderly without corona won't be ready to mate.

Myth-3. Coronavirus lives within the throat. Hence, drink much water that the virus is pushed into the stomach where the acid will kill it.

False. Coronavirus may gain entry via throat but it penetrates the host cells. It couldn’t be washed away. Excessive water will cause you to run to the restroom.

Myth-4. All this social distancing is an overreaction. you will see that the virus won't cause much damage.
Soaps and waters are good alternatives of sanitizers.
Don't be panicked

False. If we do not see many infections (I hope) it actually will prove that social distancing worked. Not that the coronavirus was never a giant deal.

Myth-5. Car accidents kill 30,000 people annually. what is the big matter to COVID-19?

Wrong idea. Car accidents aren't contagious, their fatalities don't double every three days, they do not cause mass panic or a market crash.

Myth-6. Hand sanitizers are better than soap and water.

False. Soap and water actually kill and washes away the coronavirus from the skin. (it can't penetrate our skin cells) plus it also cleans visible soiling if hands. don't fret if all the sanitizers were sold out from your supermarket. in every of the most effective strategies to stop COVID-19 is to scrub every doorknob in your home with disinfectants.

Wrong idea. Hand Washing/maintaining 6ft distance is best practice. Unless you're caring for a COVID-19 patient in reception, your home surfaces shouldn't be an excellent risk.

Myth-8. Since Covid-19 testing is unavailable, we must always donate blood. The bank will test for it.

Wrong idea. No bank is testing for Coronavirus so this attempt will fail. Blood donation could be a sacred exercise, let's confirm we are motivated by the correct reasons.

Myth-9. In summer, the virus will spread more because of mosquito bites.

False. The infection is spread via respiratory droplets, not blood. Mosquitos won't be the host of coronavirus.

Myth-10. COVID-19 is intentionally spread by (according to your political thoughts) the American or Chinese army.

Seriously man??? Probably, it's the funniest joke...

Do not be panicked. Avoid the rumours. Stay safe.

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