Corona virus: How Does It Affect Your Body?

The first case of coronavirus was reported in December last year, and meanwhile the virus and the resulting disease, Covid-19 epidemic, have to cope with the world.
The disease is not terrible for the most of people, but many die from it.
How does the virus attack the body, why, why, or why do some people die of the disease? During this time the virus established itself slowly.
The virus works by taking control of the cells that make up your body.
The coronavirus, whose formal name is SARS-COV-2, can enter your body with your breath (in case someone sneezes or coughs around) or puts a hand on your mouth after giving a hand to a virus-infected site.
In the beginning, it attacks your throat, airways and lung cells and builds corona cells in those places.Later, new viruses spread to different parts of the body and infected more cells.

You will not get sick during this initial time and some people may not even have symptoms.
The incubation period - the time between the first infection and the onset of symptoms - varies from one individual to another, but on average five days.In most people's experience, coronavirus seems like an innocent disease.
For eight out of ten humans, Covid-19 is a debilitating infection and its main symptoms are cough and fever.
There may be body aches, sore throats and headaches, or there is no such thing.
The immune system in the body causes a virus infection and reacts to fever.The immune system recognizes the virus as a hostile and sends the rest of the body's chemicals called cytokines to explain that something is happening which is not right.
This causes symptoms such as body aches and fever.
Dry cough is primarily caused by coronavirus. The cells are probably infected with a virus and are likely to have a dry cough due to discomfort
However, many people will begin to spit out coughs at the same time, including the dead lung cells that are affected by the virus.

When such symptoms occur, it is advisable to rest, drink plenty of fluids and eat paracetamol. It is not necessary to seek the advice of a hospital or specialist initially.

This step lasts about a week. Most people get cured by this step because then their immune system fights against the virus.
However, in some people a more harmful version of Covid-19 is produced.
New research on the disease suggests that at this stage of the disease, the victims may suffer from colds.

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