Corona virus can be on mobile or on the table! Unknown information about Covid 19

More than one million people all over the world are infected by the Corona Virus. The death toll exceeds the number, 4636. Meanwhile, the virus that has been found named Covid 19 virus whether it has any connection with of SARS COV12, that is a big question. Let's take a look, there are some unknown aspects of the Corona virus.
Corona virus can be spread in 7 easy ways.
However, without being alarmed, experts say they should seek medical advice only if they see some symptoms. Scientists have named the 7 things that can influence corona differently. It says the common cold can cause problems like MARS or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.The 7 factors that affect the Corona virus are serotype 221E, serotype OC3, serotype NL1, serotype HUK1. Symptoms of all these are cold, cough, fever, pneumonia.The most serious problem may be the SARS COV. When it becomes severe, it  causes to Acute Respiratory Syndrome or MARS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), and the recent appearance of Covid 19 or Corona. Experts say that where the temperature is 22 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius, the SARS COV may bind to form granules . May be, the birth of Corona places from these granules. The virus can be found on a phone or table placed in parallel. However, in this case, the humidity of the air should be between 40 to 50 percent. Thus, the virus can replicate.

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