Corona virus attacks: many airlines can go bankrupt! Danger Signal in new report

The corona virus has already begun to witness a downward trend in the stock market. The economy is virtually stagnant in many parts of the world. Corona has continued to have a profound adverse effect on the global economy in the wake of the virus. In such a situation many companies of private airlines may be in danger in the coming days. Let's take a look at what airlines are heading to in the coming days. In response to the horrors of the Corona virus, the government of several countries has imposed a number of rules and regulations on travel around the country. And this time the airlines have to be in a desperate situation commercially. The World Aviation Agency, CAPA, claims many airlines are on the verge of bankruptcy. It is reported that Atlanta's Delta Airlines has begun to suffer losses in the loss of the Coroner. As a result, they are cutting 40% percent of their flight travel. They stopped 300 aircrafts. CAPA claims many airlines are on the verge of bankruptcy by May 2021. Because of this, since March 3, one country has started canceling visas in the country. And the impact of the aircraft landing. Many airlines have started to suffer losses due to the small number of passengers traveling.

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