Corona infection: who are at greater risk?

Although older people are more at risk for coronavirus infection, young people are not at all susceptible.  The most affected country by corona infection, Italy, was found that 90 percent of the victims were already suffering from another disease. So sick people of any age are also at risk.

The advanced countries of the country are most at risk of preventing coronavirus infection. After the outbreak of the virus, it is spread that young people and adolescents are not infected. The main risk is for people older than forty. A recent report from the US and Italy, the Department of Health says young people are at risk of the virus.

People with other diseases are more likely to die from this disease. A report from the Italian Health Authority on March 8 says that ninety percent of those who died of corona infection in Italy were already suffering from another disease. Among them, seventy five percent were hypertensive patients. The death toll from coronavirus in the country has exceeded four thousand. The US Centers for Disease Control conducted a survey on the two and a half thousand people, who are infected with coronavirus in the country at the initial stage of the epidemic. It has been observed that seven hundred and five patients out of the first two and a half thousand infected people are in the age group of 25 to 44. It has been speculated for a long time, young people are less likely to be infected with the virus. That's not right. The condition of many of these young people who are admitted to the hospital is alarming. Last Thursday, in a speech at the White House, US President Donald Trump said that the uncontrolled behaviour of young people is playing a major role in the transmission of the virus. Because the youths are having a party and going on the beach, misusing the educational and work holidays opportunities. In the current crisis, they should get rid of this behaviour. He advises young people to be careful at home.
On Friday, China released a survey on the age range of people with corona infection. It found that two thousand Chinese children admitted to hospital with coronavirus, of which 11℅ is in poor condition. They have been admitted to the intensive care centre.
The Italian Health Authority has confirmed that 0.8 percent of people among those who were affected by coronas, didn’t have any disease. About 25. 1 percent were suffering from one disease, 25.6 percent were suffering from two diseases, 48.5 percent were suffering from three diseases, whereas 75 percent of people suffering from heart disease.

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