Corona Epidemic: how could diabetes patients keep themselves safe from infection?

Coronavirus has already become a crisis across the world. About 80 percent of corona infections are mild to moderate, which can be cured. Only 15 percent could be severe or very severe, where oxygen must be needed. And 5 percent of cases are critical, where ventilators may be needed, even death can be occurred due to respiratory failure.

Those who are particularly at risk for the coronavirus infection are patients of diabetics,  heart failure, kidney failure, asthma or chronic bronchitis. There are also those whose immunity is very vulnerable, such as patients receiving chemotherapy.
Corona Epidemic: how could diabetes patients keep themselves safe from infection?

Why diabetes patients are at risk?
The number of patients with diabetes in the world is remarkable. Many people, especially the elderly, have diabetes. On top of that, a large portion of our diabetes patients has blood sugar, which is out of control. Diabetes diminishes the immunity of patients. The ability to fight any germs is curtailed. Again, patients with diabetes have kidney complications, heart disease and so on. Diabetes patients are at greater risk of being infected with the coronavirus.

The level of diabetes control (HbA1c) in diabetic patients plays a crucial role in this regard. The worse, the diabetes control (the higher the number of HbA1c), the higher the risk is. Uncontrolled diabetes means that the level of HbA1c in the blood is more than 7%. So in this current situation, it is vital for patients with diabetes to be a little more aware.

1. Despite the slightest signs of coronavirus infection (eg, fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc.), government-assisted centres should seek immediate help in diagnosis and subsequent service. You should contact the personal physician as soon as possible.

2. In the present situation, the maximum effort should be made to control blood sugar without making any point. Talk to your doctor if necessary to start insulin. Insulin is able to control sugars in the fastest time. On an empty stomach, sugar should be reduced to less than 6 millimol and after intaking food, the level should be lessened than 8 millimol after two hours.

3. If the symptoms are revealed, even if Corona is unsure, he will have to isolate himself. That means you have to be in the quarantine. If the body is not too sick, then it is better not to go to the hospital. However, contact with the physician or the care centre should be continued so that the medical care will be available and ensure quickly if needed.

4. At this time, those who are over 60 years old and those with diabetes, stay in the quarantine. Markets, shopping malls, crowded places, social events should be avoided. Corona prevention instructions from home should be followed. Diabetes patients shouldn't shake their hands with anyone or hug anyone. The social distance must be maintained. You must be at least three feet away from anyone to avoid infection.

5.No need to go for walks, in or out of the park, at this time. To control sugar, you should walk in the house, porch or corridor and do some light exercise.

6. Personal hygiene should be maintained for at least 20 seconds. If you touch money, newspapers, parcels, etc., you should wash your hands. Clothes should be washed at home rather than ironed in the laundry.

7. If someone becomes ill at home, the elderly and the diabetic patient should be separated quickly.
8. It would be better not to eat any food brought from outside.

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