Corona crisis : how to use a mask?

The use of masks is said to impede new coronavirus infections. As the problem spread to the masses, the mask crisis spread in different parts of the world. The price has been already hiked. Let's find out what the World Health Organization says about the use of masks.

When and why to use a mask

* Healthy people will have to wear a mask when they will take care of any corona infected patient.
* Use a mask if you have a cough or sneeze so that if coronavirus stays in your body, it does not spread to others.
Corona crisis : how to use a mask?
Use a mask to avoid coronavirus infection
* Using a mask is beneficial only if you frequently wash hands with alcohol-based hand rubs or soap-water.
* In order to wear the mask, you should know how to use it appropriately.
How to use
* Wipe the hands (with soap-water for at least 20 seconds or hand rub) before wearing the mask.
* Do not hold the front of the mask while wearing it.
* Cover the nose and mouth with the mask and remember that there is no gap between the face and the mask.
* Refrain yourself from touching the mask while using. And if you touch it l, clean your hands (with soap-water for at least 20 seconds or hand rub).
* Replace the used mask when it seems damp or wet. Do not use disposable or the masks which are made for one-time use.
* Keep yourself away from touching the front of the mask.
*After removing the mask, place it in the trash box.
* Clean your hands after discarding the mask.

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