Corona outbreak: best way to keep your head cool in this time

Everybody is stricken by anxiety, concerning coronavirus infection. That is accepted. Harvard University professor Marshall Gaines quoted in his, Community Organizing Theory, that when danger comes, we unconsciously find three ways to deal with it. They are, fight, flee or settle. The coronavirus has truly become a shock. Let's take a look at how we are reacting to that danger and terror.
Some days ago, an elderly couple in England became so mentally distressed that they committed suicide. The husband killed himself with a knife after stabbing his wife. Shortly before that, the finance minister of Hesse province of Germany - jumped under the train - was thinking of how to revive the economy in the aftermath of corona outbreak.
Corona outbreak: How to keep your head cool in this time?
The things are not ending here. In England, a young woman commits suicide only for fear of being infected with the coronavirus. Economists are worried about the economy, politicians are worried about the state system. The civil people are concerned about life, bother about livelihoods, jobs, food, healthcare and various other issues. Looking around, there is only fear and fear, panic and anxiety. Social distance and death news are fueling that panic even more. We should have been careful, but we went one step further, becoming frightened and terrified.
From this anxiety, tension raises on the mind. Symptoms of panic, uneasiness, anger, or depression also can occur. However, once facing any danger, you need to show patience, accountable behaviour and bravery. However, do you have to respond now? However, you can support your family and carry out your responsibilities towards society.

Calm down yourself:
The mind is a spiritual existence, which is depressing even when our favourite football team losses; And this is human life. Under normal circumstances have you ever counted the dead body every day? How many people die every day, do we know? Even if we count the number of deaths in this way every day, under normal circumstances, we would be equally disappointed. Corona outbreak- to win this war, our weapon is not fear but our confidence. It is true that confidence is not created by itself; it has to build through one's effective and fruitful behavior and work.
Corona outbreak: How to keep your head cool in this time?
In the beginning, let us look at anxiety in two ways. One is the state stage and the other is the private phase. We are very nervous about what the government is deciding or, as we are in concern about ourselves and our families because of the corona outbreak. We need to demonstrate our thoughts, concerns, to a defined path. Chaotic thinking causes panic. There is a common saying in our society that to avoid anxiety, it is 'no need to think so much'.That's why ABCT suggested, 'Allocate an hour or half an hour just for thinking.' Sit with a pad and a pen. Write down your thoughts in the pad. For example, jobs, bank loans, food supply, children's safety. Imagine if the coronavirus didn't come, wouldn't you face these problems in your life? Imagine how you would solve these problems. Just think of this time of day and allocate rest of time for your family.
Would it be very hard to get rid of that problem if you were confined in the house for just a month? Not at all. So what makes this time so difficult? Whatever happens to everyone will happen to me. Everyone is trying to deal with this crisis. After this one or half-hour period, take another half hour to do what you can or what will you do during quarantine time to make it meaningful.

Even if physically isolated, keep track of everyone
Virtually in an exceedingly closed town, anybody will feel unendurable. Thus stay touch with your friends and relatives via email, cellphone or social media. Keep trying to support one another. If you need any help with corona issue, prepare an advance set up on a way so that you can easily get facilitate from experts with, physical and mental issues.
Corona outbreak: How to keep your head cool in this time?
The world is facing a crisis

Rely on reliable data:
Solely accept correct information from reliable sources. Know yourself and keep members of the family abreast of concerning essential and hygienical data that helps scale back the chance of corona infection. Repeated listening to negative news has an adverse effect- it was quoted in a joint statement by the World Health Organization and the British Mental Health Department. They also outlined some ways we can follow. The highest importance has been given to children in this regard. Trust solely on the reliable scientific source on information, such as the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University, government-affiliated organization or specialists.

Do not perpetually be exposed to the Coronavirus: 
You or your members of the family won't watch information, news and videos concerning Corona infection within the media / social media, like anxiety and instability, can increase. this may produce emotional stress on yourself. Additionally, try to know the correct information concerning corona, or enjoy different events to perk up your mind.

Have confidence in yourself:
This time, if we partake in the kitchen or cleaning house together, the wonderful family rhythm will come back, which is a long time we may not have noticed. Smoking and drinking should be discontinued at this time. Take adequate vitamin C and drink water. We need to be careful about the things that can cause anxiety. For example, if a person uses a certain drug regularly, his / her anxiety may heighten when the drug is run out. Mind, a British-based mental health charity, says you'll feel better if you can do yoga at home, exercises with deeper breaths. Since you have been in the house all day, you should maintain dietary control and work activities to sustain sugar level. This time it should be done to make sure the medicine is at home. Trust in yourself. Use your skills, which you used to manage numerous adverse things within the past. Be confident; this may greatly scale back your stress.

Support the seniors:
The coronavirus is a global crisis and even if there are enough reasons to worry about it, it does not make sense to keep gossiping about it all day. Elder people in the home are also not very well mentally, because they have learned through the media that a large proportion of the people who die from the virus are elderly persons. They are very upset with the consequence even if they don't let us comprehend. Because of this, we should be more sincere and respectful to them.

Prepare, experience, offer correct information to youngsters:
Children are going through a hostile period. The schools are closed, prohibition on going out and playing off. Most children and teenagers are at home with games and computers all day long. These cellphones and tablets will primarily cause eyes, neck and headaches. Then they will be turned into the major causes of depression. They might suffer from emotional stress as like as adults. At this time, they require to stay in touch with their parents. According to a BBC report, everybody should simply talk about the current situation with children. They may be persuaded that this virus is a threat to us. Additionally, they may get upset, fold themselves up, get angry or suddenly begin urinating on bed. If you've got such symptoms of mental stress, listen to their words, provide them quality time for a longer period. Let the kid play the indoor games separately in his own way. In any respect stages of the coronavirus infection, keep the baby along with his folks and family and don't keep them separated. Within the case of hospitalization, quarantine, or the other reason, stay connected over the phone and provides your youngsters with regular encouragement. Offer the kid with age-appropriate data concerning what is going on around him and justify however he will place himself in danger. Teach your kid to be hygenic to avoid infection. If the kid or anyone in his family feels sick, discuss the requirement for hospitalization with the kid, and inform them that there's nothing to concern, the doctor can take necessary measures for the well-being and safety of all.
Corona outbreak: How to keep your head cool in this time?

The report of the World Health Organization  on mental health on 7th March, clearly states that "mental health preparation at this time is not like a sprint race, but rather like a marathon race". This indicates the fact that- the coronavirus is not going too smoothly. Thus, although the general conversation discussed above is sufficient, the masterplan will be needed on a larger social level. Thus, although the general conversation discussed above is adequate, the masterplan will be needed on a larger social level. How well the institutions that work with mental health are prepared to make that masterplan, is also a question.
Finally, all the bad days come to an end. Have faith. Deal with corona outbreak, not with your emotion, with your intelligent and patience.

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