Corona crisis: After recovering, victims may still be infected again

The entire world is trembling in the horror of coronavirus infection. In the meantime, about six hundred thousand people around the world have affected by COVID-19. The death toll is close to 30000. Almost fifteen thousand people have come round. Although the world's prominent scientists are trying to prevent it, it is still not possible.
Corona crisis: After recovering, victims may still be infected again

China raises concerns over Coronavirus. Although the first shock has brought relief to China, the Coronavirus may take the form of an epidemic again. It was China wherefrom the Coronavirus spread. Corona has become a hazard to the whole world. In these circumstances, China is suffering from the possibility of re-spreading.
China's health authorities worry that the coronavirus could spread to China a second time, pondering the current world situation. So it is important to be careful. Otherwise, China will be affected by the coronavirus again. He expressed concern over the possibility of such a corona infection again in China.
Though the number of corona in China is under control now. Only forty-five, new people were attacked by the coronavirus on Sunday. And five have died. There are a total of eighty-one thousand and four hundred thirty-nine people were affected in the country still now. Of them, 75,448 were released from the hospitals. Now only 2691 people are under treatment. Of them, 762 people are in an alarming condition.

An example of getting affected again has been seen recently in China

It is a matter of great concern that, after treatment, the previous corona infection sufferers could not breathe a sigh of relief. According to sources, about 3 to 10 percent of corona infected patients who recovered, have recurrent infections in China. Returning home after treatment, they are reported to have had corona infection symptoms.
Corona crisis: After recovering, victims may still be infected again

Physicians suggest more quarantine for these types of patients
Doctors say that even after being discharged from the hospital, it is necessary to stay in the home quarantine for more days. Otherwise, it would be impossible to prevent re-group infection. Indian physicians are reported to have caught a similar case. In addition, other hospitals in Wuhan, China, reported that the infection recurred to 5 to 10 percent of their patients after cured from corona.

An Indian-born patient may have a similar infection

A person of Indian descent is treated immediately with slight corona symptoms. Eight days after being recovered, the virus has been found in the victim's body. As a result, physicians advised to stay safe and extend the isolation period for at least two weeks, even after the disease is healed.Click here to read - Corona crisis: Do's and Don'ts

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